8.0 Kinectimals Review

Microsoft aren’t burying the lead with the launch lineup for Kinect, it’s obvious which demographic they are appealing to at the moment, with mini-game collections and fitness games ruling the roost. Kinectimals hopes to hit the spot for all the younger people out there, clearly trying to squeeze into the same space that EyePet resides in. Is Kinectimals fun for all the family or is it a title best avoided?

It’s safe to say that in the history of videogames, you’ve never seen anything as cutesy or as sickly sweet as Kinectimals. The equivalent of pouring sugar directly into your eyes whilst watching My Little Pony and having pixies dancing through the night sky in your living room. YOU WILL VOMIT.

Unless of course, you are a parent with children whereby you’ll be able to put Kinectimals on, go in the other room and start headshotting fools over LIVE whilst the kids are happy spending time with their tiger.

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