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Thestraightgoods writes "Gran Turismo 5 is an amazing driving simulator. Sony and Polyphony Digital threw everything but the kitchen sink into this title. Some reviewers might be too harsh in their judgment due to its 5 years in development. All that matters to me is the finished product and this finished product is superb. NASCAR play, realistic vehicle damage, weather effects and night driving constitute the cherry on top. I have never enjoyed a Gran Turismo game as much as this one. If you own a PS3, then GT5 needs to be part of your collection."

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mike90772735d ago

I dont think ive ever seen a game with such mixed reviews its either you love it or hate it

T9X692735d ago

Fallout New Vegas. It has 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's, and 10's.

Perjoss2735d ago

thats because you can almost say its not a game, but an experience for people who love cars and roads.

nickjkl2735d ago

"And for the first time in a Gran Turismo title the vehicles take not only mechanical damage, but also they will begin to look physically damaged as well. I haven’t been able to do it myself, but I hear you can actually roll some of these vehicles."

hasnt played the game long enough

but read the internet

Genecalypse2735d ago

People are caught up in the sensationalism. Very hard to wade through rubble to see actual truth about the game. And that goes both ways mind you

ilikestuff2735d ago

i think it has to do with the time spent on the game, all the later reviews seem to be great, the ones that were rushed out and only played the game for a couple hours werent so good, a lot of reviewers need to be beaten with a wet plunger

DirtyLary2735d ago

Is this true?

" Matchmaking is where you go when you want a quick online race. When you level up online you can use the credits earned towards your single player events."

SIX2735d ago

When I first played it I thought it was about a 4 out of five. I just expected it to be perfect. The more I play it the more inclined I am to re assess my initial thoughts. The game keeps getting better and better the deeper you get in to it. It is currently my GOTY. I can't seem to put it down.

Perjoss2735d ago

Nice score, to be honest im disgusted at some of the stories ive heard of reviewers only playing the game up to level 5 or 6 (does not take long at all). On the other hand I think it was suicide for PD the leave good stuff like full damage and better AI until level 40. I dont see any reason why that stuff cannot be in the game from level 1, just leave the option in there to turn it off or turn it down.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Yea this is quite a shame. It seems though that most negative reviews are just nit picky.

"That shadow is ugly oh no it's such a game changer"

"Game's got no damage. I've already reached level 3 and I'm still not impressed"

Freshnikes2735d ago

We all can be reviewers we all play games, this guy could give the game a 5 or a 2 it is how he feels about the game it's very pointless to hang on every word of these review, plus there is the motives of some of these reviews (what goes on behind the scenes ) ... I can't stop playing the game the only other racer I played on ps3 in nfss....and to me this is way better I can't stop playing it....some else could disagree and say they enjoy nfss a lot more it is just the individuals opinion....the best review is to ( RENT )... The game if your not sure about buying it and check it out...

I'm really loving this game ( black ops what's that what's a black ops ) ..I'm a fps guy but man I can't stop playing this game get the wheel its amazing

raztad2735d ago

Lets greet a good review with some GT5 awesomeness:

ian722735d ago

That car is amazing. Can't wait to get enough credits to buy it and try it out.

doshey2735d ago

Reviews suck straight up I hate this damn site now I had to put this post just cause it's a shame, people bring games down for no reason other than there fanboy, I bought gt 5, I never saw myself as a person who would buy a racing sim, sure enough I bought gt 5 love it, great fucking game and well dissevered of over a 8 or 9, this games a gem compared to the 100s of crap and yearlly games get we get, call of duty and fallout are great examples

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