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CC writes "Is it worth the money? Of course – GT5 is truly an amazing experience packed with spectatular courses and hundreds of cars which look and feel just like the real ones. Was it worth the wait? Well I have to think on that one. Polyphony Digital put so much into the game, I am surprised that the 50GB disc was able to hold it all, but also it doesn’t seem like they put enough into it at the same time. Essential things like damage modelling is a huge let down to all the fans out there. Also the whole mess about the release date didn’t allow time for the hype machine to spit out craziness so, even as I am writing this, many do not know it is even out. Why even complain though. It is Gran Turismo 5 folks – it’s finally here -lets have a beer to celebrate (Only if your old enough) then play some GT5."

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firelogic2644d ago

Damage is progressive. Jesus when is a review going to properly point this out?

cyborg2643d ago

there's time yet. Almost all publications have there reviews out by now. Shows how much they played the game really

N311V2644d ago

Looks like a trend is starting, low scores for great games get a website traffic. I feel we'll see more of this in the future.

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Iancranium2643d ago

Progressive eh. then why are they patching it in Dec 1?
Yer, don't start trolling, I know it progressive but they are patching it in Dec 1 outright for the arcade mode so IT WONT BE! Obviously they also think it could be better

Parapraxis2643d ago

That or...they listened to their fans.

yewles12643d ago

"Progressive eh. then why are they patching it in Dec 1?"

Arcade mode, look it up again.

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