NBA 2K11 3D Impressions (PlayStation 3)- Gameplaybook

How does 2K Sports' basketball game fare in the third dimension? Quite well, actually...if you can afford it.

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BigKev452734d ago

Give me 3DTV without the glasses.

mrv3212734d ago

Give me a good headset without a microphone.

Wearing glasses is the least of your worries when your sitting in front of a 42 inch TV, in a tiny room holding some pathetic controller, screaming at some stupid racist twelve years olds and looking like the borg.

fr0sty2734d ago

so funny, you never hear someone at a theater say "give me a 3d movie theater without the glasses". nobody seems to mind it then, because it's only for a movie and only for a little while. few realize 3dtv works the same way. i've had many people come to me thinking you always had to wear the glasses just to watch the tv, no matter what you were watching.

AKA2282734d ago

A lot of it is just xbox fanboys or people who already blew their wad on a TV before 3D came out and now they are upset hating what they can't have.

TheDCD2734d ago

Nah, it induces too many headaches.

fr0sty2734d ago

i've used it for a good while without a single headache.