BRIGHT HUB | Gran Turismo 5 review

The visual graphics of Gran Turismo is so stunning, it can be mind blowing. The level of detail poured into each vehicle and racing enviroment is so precise and brilliant that websites are actually comparing pictures of real vehicles and comparing them to pictures taken in the game. The cars looks and feels so real that it’s hard to imagine you are not actually in the car racing down the track. It's seriously hard to tell the difference sometimes.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2731d ago

*looks around*

What? No takers? I wonder where everyone runs off to when Gt5 actually gets a good score.

Terarmzar2731d ago

The story has not hit 50 degrees yet so people who have n4g set to display all news will not see it yet. Probably after this comment people will see this Review.

sigfredod2731d ago

the king is back!! gt5 rocks