Need more gametypes? Take a look at "Bungie Recommends."

One of the least discussed new features for Halo 3's soon-to-be-enormous online community is easily one of the most intriguing. Bungie has a reputation for having a hands-on relationship with the communities that spring up around its games, from the 7th Column fan club to the newest evolution of, and this newest community feature, dubbed "Bungie Recommends," is a chance for the most direct interaction yet.

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jcgamer4120d ago

I think the Halo cynical or unconverted will be able to get a glimpse at just how much fun users are having in the Halo universe...the recording of a saved film is quick and easy, and will give long legs to Halo works in single-player, multiplayer, forge modes, and co-op! frickkin sweet if you ask can jump to ANY player's point of view! or you can skip the in-game perspective altogether, and move the camera around outside the "eyeballs of all the Spartans and Elites running around blowing up each other." and it isn't limited to the perspective in which it was recorded! it allows pause, fast forward, rewind, and editing...what's your favorite shooter or upcoming shooter? ask yourself, how much fun would it be to be able to do this?...yeah, I think I know the answer to that one...

i Shank u4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

agreed man. being able to share videos of peoples best matches during the beta was sic. i cant wait to be able to edit em, watch the match from the other teams eyes, see who REALLY killed me and not just the name from the other team who scored the kill lol . people out there have no clue how addicting and easy to use the video feature is, Bungie is filling this game with features that most games dont have and tied em all together. sic!

jcgamer4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

what gives me peace and quiet confidence is knowing that MILLIONS...not hundreds of thousands...but MILLIONS of people will enjoy the goodness that is Halo 3...the world will see the innovations and the revolutionary features that Halo 3 has to offer...

i Shank u4120d ago

another small detail that'll help ensure halo 3 will be played a dammmmmmmmnnnnnn lonnnnnnnggggggg time.

Dukester1014120d ago

I'll probably be messing around with Forge creating my own gametypes and just playing around... than i will actually playing the game.

You can bet though, that I'll be using my vids, and others to get better, brag, or see 'why/how in the f*%$k i got killed'

Halo 3's longetivity will go significantly beyond the 2 years Halo 2 did...a nd heck people still play Halo 1 even!

sleekblackroadster4120d ago

i am glad that they are putting a lot of effort into h3.. and since everything for ps3 i was interested in is delayed (exclusives as well as the 3rd party multi-platform releases that looked worth playing) except cod4 and maybe ass. creed (which i can pick up for 360 instead).. i think i gotta get a 'box and hope games like mass effect and halo come together.

anyone know when these new 'improved' (not going to die, rrod style or whatever) 360s will launch? i guess they may be the 65nm ones.. unless i'm wrong and even those may die on me.. in which case i may have to just decide against the purchase..