Top 10 Best Strategy Games for PC

GR - Strategy games, whether they are turn-based or real-time, occupy a unique niche within gaming. While there is not always the thrill of the fight, there is often a deep satisfaction achieved from outsmarting both other players and particularly AI. Here are some of the most favored titles in recent years, in no particular order.

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StillGray2758d ago

I've spent hundreds of hours in Starcraft 2. Best purchase ever.

halocursed2758d ago

Hey Sol Invictus imma let you finish, but Civilization 4 is the best PC Strategy game of all time!

Dramscus2758d ago

It's a decent list though it loses points for not having black and white (one or two) on it.

IMHO the best two games (of any genre), that are totally strategy (especially the second) and should be on such a list.

RedDead2758d ago

Nothing from the Total war series....
:( Shocked and appalled, I love those games

Billy_Dee_Williams2758d ago

Civ IV > Every strategy game ever

ThanatosDMC2758d ago

Best strategy is Company of Heroes. For those who want to play it for free go to this website: http://www.companyofheroes....

You have to make an account then download the game for free. It's Company of Heroes Online. For those who have it on Steam all ready, you dont have to worry about it.

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Sparkyeyes2758d ago

I personally feel Civ V was the best in the series!

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CrzyFooL2758d ago

Civ IV was better than Civ V

Seniorscrapper2758d ago

Supreme Commander was good, but the sequel was a complete dissapointment

gameseveryday2758d ago

Couldn't disagree more about Civilization IV being on that list, or for that matter any Civ game!

apoorv1123582758d ago

I'm a FPS junkie. Will someone please motivate me to play this strategy game...

eggbert2758d ago

Motivate yourself. If you don't like the thinking that strategy games require, you're not going to like strategy games in general.

mrv3212758d ago

Imagine using your brain AND finger reflexes as one to out smart an opponent, and when you get it right, and your armies merge in the centre of the map, both with equal food only for you to come out superior and to have that sweet sweet GG WP... just means so much... just so much.

I suck at starcraft 2, and since my HD5750 and Ram has gone I can't play it much, getting a GT330m and i5 so I can play and go to more lans, Starcraft 2 rocks, I could play it on a HD3100 built in graphics and a AMD 550 BE... so a semi decent rig could run it, maybe on medium.

Letros2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Agree, using your brain is the biggest difference between RTS and FPS.

As for the 330M, I used to have a 310M in a laptop before I bricked it, and it played on medium just fine, and the 330M is 2x as fast for SM 3.0.

mrv3212758d ago

You played Starcraft 2 on medium with a 310m? Was it overclocked?

Because you should have only been able to get 20 odd frames.

Hopefully the 330m can run it on high, it's a big 1600x900 screen, which should be great for LAN.

Letros2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

No OC but I dont think I have every option on medium(shaders yes though), it was awhile ago and it was a 720p screen, 1600x900 might be ok on med idk, resolution is a pretty big performance killer.

Regardless the game still looks spiffy on low IMO, not really a game about graphics anyway.

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