MTV Multiplayer: 'Gran Turismo 5' Review - Reinventing The Wheels

For years, fans of racing sims have had a particularly strange conundrum. Their entire world has essentially been boiled down into two titles, the "Gran Turismo" series and the "Forza Mortorsport" line, but one of those (the former) has been so exceptional that nobody really minds.

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Blaster_Master2785d ago

I thought it was a Pantera tribute for a sec. Hahaha.

UNCyrus2785d ago

This is quite possibly the best GT5 review I've read yet.

acedoh2785d ago

A very well written review and speaks to all the points that GT fans stress. The game is not for everyone but those who want a realistic driving experience with an unbelievable amount of cars Gran Turismo 5 is the best you can get.

RememberThe3572785d ago

This is what a review looks like when someone actually plays the game. It's pretty obvious that the reviewer has put in time with the game.

Bathyj2785d ago

32 players in kart racing online?

Man thats insane.

Karting is incredible. I really wasnt expecting much from them, but I was shocked at how fun they are.

morganfell2785d ago

The feeling of speed is great in the Karts. Those things corner like crazy but being rear wheel drive they spin out. It isn't an issue if you finesse them.

I raced the early Kart levels and they were not difficult. But when I hit level 7 and unlocked those Kart races I had jumped in with about 4 beers in me. We were laughing our asses off. This game is such a blast.

Bathyj2785d ago

Yeah they're great. They're really easy to oversteer so like you said, a soft touch is required, not manhandling the wheel.

My biggest worry was that they'd be to slow and boring. Boy was I wrong (it happens sometimes.) Sure they only do about 140kph but the acceleration is mad and they're so low to the ground and the kart is constantly on the edge of out of control, the speed just feels intense.

It was a very welcome surprise.

I didnt think NASCAR was going to be so good either. I always thought it looked boring too. "I'm gonna go real fast, and turn left."
Obviously the challenge of NASCAR isnt so much the course, but the competition as well as the insane speed. And I swear when I pulled up and listened to the engine the car was growling at me.

Dark-Cloud2785d ago

when i look at karting video it looks very slow but when i played it i get shocked just like you .. it's amazing !! just like in real life !! look how the drive move , like when you press the brake .............etc
it's amazing !! ..

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