Sarcastic Gamer Review: Y's The Oath in Felghana

Sarcastic Gamer reviews XSEED's latest JRPG for the PSP: "Y's Oath in Felghana." Can this game stand up to the already stellar fall PSP line up?

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I_Like_Good_Games2668d ago


weird name for a game.

cyborg2668d ago

What I was thinking :P

HolyOrangeCows2668d ago

"Can this game stand up to the already stellar fall PSP line up?"

I see what he did there.

I_Like_Good_Games2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Oh so that's why they call themselves Sarcastic Gamer! -_-

imoutofthecontest2668d ago

But... I think the PSP's fall lineup actually IS stellar. >_>

Cladun, ZHP, Birth by Sleep, Oath in Felghana, Knights in the Nightmare, Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad II, Alundra...
And if you wanna import, Tactics Ogre and Yakuza New Chapter are out now, plus God Eater Burst....

dragonclawf42668d ago

awful game. even this game is better than this

HolyOrangeCows2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

WARNING: Don't click the spam link.

maniac762668d ago

since psn dont wonna tke my credit,i started on the ds ys 1 and 2 so far so good,but would look better on psp,love the gameplay style.