The Top 5 Reasons I won’t Buy Sports Games – And Neither Should You!

Conflicting Gamers - "I love sports. Pretty much all kinds (with the exception of Soccer (shut up rest of the world!)). But I can pretty much find entertainment in all sports…that is…whilst watching them Live or on Television. Sports video games are a completely different matter. I can’t STAND them. I found this baffling, so I decided to break it down and find out exactly WHY I dislike sports video games so much…"

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ispendallday2791d ago

Totally agree...sports games are for LOSERS! LOL!

darkcharizard2791d ago

Gran Turismo is a sports game, btw, since sports car racing is a motorsport, which is a sport.

So just STFU

Quagmire2791d ago

Its a racing game. You drive virtual cars. Its not a sport if you sit on your ass all day long.

iceman062790d ago

While I understand that auto racing is not a traditional sport. However, it does require a lot from the body. NASCAR racer are sitting in what amounts to a sauna for 4-5 hours on end. Open wheel racers, as well as NASCAR, endure g-forces that exert anywhere between 3-4 times their body weight while trying to execute turns. Sitting on your ass has nothing to do with it. Some Para-Olympians are forced into wheelchairs and I wouldn't dare say that they are not athletes.

Jaces2791d ago

Because they come out with a new one each year, like clockwork.

Hitman07692791d ago

I feel with this, I've bought sports games many times and this gen i didn't then when i finally did i was pretty dissapointed...

kevco332791d ago

I generally like to buy one game represnting each sport for each generation. I got FIFA on the Mega-Drive, ISS64 on the N64, FIFA 2002 on the GC and FIFA 2010 on the 360. That's how I pretty much do it with every sport, and don't see me changing any time soon...

kornbeaner2791d ago

In order for EA to win my business back in concerns with Madden. They need to take the formula back to Madden 06 for the PS2 and begin the work from there. Madden 06 had the best of everything in a football game and no Madden has come close to being as good as that Madden. Franchise has taken a back seat and so has Superstar mode both of which I spent countless hours on (up until the 00 bug showed up on both modes). If they reverted everything back to Madden 06 and improved the animations and tweaked everything else that was in Madden 06 I would probably go back. But until then no thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.