PlayStation 3 Gift Guide 2010: What you should buy this Holiday Season

GB: "2010 is almost coming to an end and with that it’s time for us to guide you on what you should buy this holiday season. It’s been a great year for the PlayStation 3 with the announcement of HD Remakes, 3D Support and the release of the PlayStation Move. There have been some superb games, both in the exclusive and the multiplatform department. Through this guide we try and suggest where you should be investing your hard earned money."

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blizzard_cool2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I'm thinking of Vanquish and Ratchet & Clank:ACiT

bananlol2792d ago

ACiT is a great game, almost made me miss my drivers license test.

gameseveryday2792d ago

I already own a PlayStation MOVE so I will be skipping all of in the list.

But I will highly recommend the Vision Racer for anyone who loves Gran Turismo 5, I know the beasts costs for about 1200 British pounds, but seriously the overall experience just rises to an all together different level.

Only issue is its heavy on cash, so its a thin line between fun and over spending.

halocursed2792d ago

In terms of a complete experience - Heavy Rain + Move! I mean it was the best story driven game I've ever played!

Valay2792d ago

Gran Turismo 5 if you already haven't.

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