Playstationblog | Dead Nation Hits PlayStation Store this Week, Eradicate the Infection!

The week you’ve been waiting for is here! Dead Nation will release on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 30th for $14.99 in North America (and at a 20% discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $11.99).

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zireno2757d ago

guys, can someone tell me the difference between dead nation and zombie apocalypse?! I already have zombie apocalypse so is there any reason to get this?

Shazz2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Zombie apocalypse is arena based were as dead nation isnt m8 its a go from point A to point B style game with upgrades to weapons and everything. basically a lot better than ZA

Serjikal_Strike2757d ago

This is way better than zombie apocalypse...but only 2 player...

ThanatosDMC2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

In my opinion Zombie Apocalypse was crap compared to Burn Zombie Burn but it looks like Dead Nation is going to be better than Zombie Apocalypse mainly because there arent zombies with guns, you could actually explore, lots of zombies to kill, full co-op campaign, and it has a lot of inspiration from Burn Zombie Burn (red circles before explosions).

zireno2757d ago

ooh ok, so this isn't wave after wave after wave of zombies until you die?! cool, guess I'll get it tomorrow then :)!! btw thanks bubbles+.

ThanatosDMC2757d ago

Reviews also mentioned that you cant expect zombies to appear where you think they'd appear and you'll be relying a lot on your flashlight and sometimes look around frantically because of random sounds you hear.

Also, bodies dont disappear through the floor. There's a picture somewhere where there were just tons of corpses, limbs, blood and gore littered on the floor and the cars. Maybe it's a survival mode or something.

morganfell2757d ago

I would have to say they can consider me sold on it. Day one purchase.

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Serjikal_Strike2757d ago

Hell all over this tomorrow!

yess2757d ago

You can't have it...It's mine...hehe

dkgshiz2757d ago

Ive been waiting for this for a long time.

beavis4play2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

and we'll probably have to wait a little longer.

when a game is released on psn on a given tuesday, it never (in my area, anyways) seems to be available till 9pm EST. undead nightmare wasn't available until almost 10pm - a full 22 hours into the day of release. it's not that i don't mind the's just if it releases on Nov. 30, you'd think it would be available sometime after midnight.

anyways - as soon as this game hits - i'm downloading!

BTW - that video was awesome - this looks to have incredible detail in the zombies and enviroments. the atmosphere is great too.

Karum2757d ago

I am very much looking forward to this on Wednesday (EU Store) and to my PS Plus discount :)

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The story is too old to be commented.