Black Ops Still No. 1 In Irish Charts Despite GT5's Release writes:

"A lot of people would have predicted a different outcome from the Irish charts this week but it seems that not only did Call of Duty: Black Ops beat Gran Turismo 5 to the top spot but so did Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. GT5 debuts at No. 3."

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vhero2665d ago ShowReplies(1)
bleedy eyes2665d ago

most irish probably can't afford it just now

dangert122665d ago

ps3&xbox360&wii vs ps3?
oh yeah thats fair

AntoineDcoolette2665d ago

Wah? Even though the EU had to financially bail it out the people in Ireland are still buying video games?!

sam22362665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

@bleedy eyes: I take offence to that.

It's not the fact that we're unable to buy it, the fact is that GT5's basically the Alan Wake of the PS3. There's also the fact that Black Ops is a hell of a lot more popular then a ridiculously overhyped racing game that's been in development for half a decade.

EDIT: @dangert12: Yeah, I have played it and I didn't like it. I went out and bought it after seeing all the praise it was getting only to find it was crap. There are better racing games out there.

To each his own, as you said. Oh and for the record, I hate CoD as much as the next person and yeah, there probably will be another CoD next year seeing as the casuals and children are lapping up Black Ops like it's the Second Coming or some such shite.

dangert122665d ago

shitty racing game? i beg to differ each to there own but you have played the game right? if you have'nt you have no right to speak of its worth and the joke thing half a decade in development and we will be playing this for many years to cod next year? :P

ChickeyCantor2665d ago

Just shows that, just because you like something doesnt mean everyone will like it.

Next to that I don't really see why GT5 would top a game like COD

nycredude2665d ago


To put Alan Wake in the same sentence with Gt5 is a slap to the face of GT5 Developers. In the time it takes to finish Alan Wake, you can even finish just the beginner races section of Gt5, shit you can't even get all the licenses in that time. Forget about the Photo mode, arcade mode, drift mode, online mode, car sharing/giving, Gt TV mode, practice, tuning mode, A Spec, B Spec, replay mode, on and on.

Seriously stfu with you ignorance.

Also you speak as if you are talking on behalf of all of Ireland.

How long have you played it? What level were you up to? Name a racing sim that is better right now? Don't tell me another NFS and Forza cause seriously while excellent they aren't on the same level. What really turned you off of the game? The fact you can't turn around a corner at 150 mph without crashing?

What I don't understand about people who keep bringing up GT5 development time is that you seem to think it's perfectly ok to buy a game (say NFS HOT pursuit) and then before you even finish it another game (say NFS Shift 2) comes out that is pretty much the same shit but reskinned. Kind of like the COD BS. I'd much rather developers take their time than rush out games every year. But that is just me.

Bolts2665d ago

The GT5 fanboys need to take a step back a bit. Stop reacting to every negative comments about GT5 like someone just raped your entire family and insulted your religion.

For what it's worth the Alan Wake and GT5 comparison is a valid one in terms of critical reviews. Both took forever to make and both failed to hit a home run with the critics.

ChickeyCantor2664d ago

"In the time it takes to finish Alan Wake, you can even finish just the beginner races section of Gt5"

You are just a sad fanboy,
I mean sure it might take GT5 longer, BECAUSE ITS A SIMULATOR.
And i think its a bigger slap to the Alan Wake developers. You can think whatever you want of it. But Alan Wake actually had something called CREATIVITY. No offense, but the only reason it took GT5 to develop this long was due the car models and constant fine tuning of the simulation enginge. Other than that there is not much to it cept for tweaking the visuals up.

And you people call yourself "hardcore" gamers, but have no clue wtf you are talking about. You rather take a simulator over an actual kind of game like Alan Wake because it looks shinier.

Mind you I have a Ps3.

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SpearStrike2665d ago

@ vhero
"This is really scraping the barrel" you say?. Thats exactly what i think when i see a UK chart. Youre a tiny country in a huge continent, yet you only count yourselves. I agree though, how about they show REAL charts- US/EU/ASIA.

Droid Control2665d ago

GT5 will never make its money back.
Its on 1 console only, and it was in development for far too long.

Gamers win, studio looses.

rrw2665d ago

ah no, most of development cost is already been covered in prologue

mobijoker2665d ago

Is there any chart for Germany?They get some good games which does not release or releases later in outside world like witcher,drakensang,two worlds 2 etc.

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