Boomtown X | Gran Turismo 5 Review

Boomtown X: Gran Turismo 5 is a failure of game design and in some ways shows how Japanese development lags a long way behind the west these days. Can you imagine what Dan Greenwalt and his Turn 10 team would have done with six years and this kind of budget? Alas for much of the time, I’m really very sad to say, Gran Turismo 5 is barely even a videogame.

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SuperStrokey11232605d ago

This is just getting silly, people are attacking GT just for the fun of attacking it. Really really lame.

BabyTownFrolics2605d ago

and the profession of criticism in general. the idea that everyone's opinion is valid and worthy of being taken seriously is false.

if you like something there are tons of people online who will spend countless hours shitting on it. no one person or thing is immune. the only thing that changes is the focus of attention.

on n4g the focus had been on kinect, but since GT5 came out the focus has shifted to it, and will soon shift again.

the key is not to take this place as reality, we the online gaming journalism audience are a tiny group when compared to the rest of the gamers out there who have never heard of n4g.

also remember they are not just attacking GT5 for the fun, they are attacking for the hits, cause those hits translate ad revenue.

jeseth2604d ago

The review is pathetic. I wonder if the author even played the game.

This game is so in depth, amazing to drive, and detailed its nuts.

The best pure driving game to date. To really appreciate how amazing this game is you have to really put some time into it to uncover everything GT5 has to offer.

GT5 is almost perfect. There are some cars I would've like to see make the cut but oh well. GT5 is amazing.

ShadowJetX2605d ago

I'm guessing you didn't read the review did you?

Though in my personal opinion, GT5 for me, is the most perfect game I've ever played thus far.

Hideo_Kojima2604d ago

Me too second to Uncharted 2 though am not getting bored of it at all and there are so many things I still haven't done.

EeJLP-2601d ago

In reply to my 'Trolling' below... and the Warning I got to not call people fanboys:

I'm pretty sure I was right with #1 the article not having a score, #2 his/her made up 6/10 score now removed. Pretty simple, straight-forward and factual. How facts are considered trolling, I'll never know.

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God_of_War2604d ago

Boomtown x...wht a lame review...

starvinbull2604d ago

I stopped taking this writer seriously when he started saying GT2 was a broken game.

If GT5 is as broken and bad a game as GT2 then I'm getting it post haste.

King-Leonidas2604d ago

the writer´s avatar tells everything about him...

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Shazz2605d ago

lmfao desperate for for hits boomtown x

LiquifiedArt2605d ago

a 5/10 tells me the game is not worth 60$.

yet....I own GT5 and can most definetly tell anyone its worth 120$ in my eyes. easy..

acky12605d ago

Not a bad review, 5 out of 10 is an average game... as in you might like it if you're into that sort of thing

So, 6 out of 10 is above average. Everyone forgets that the scoring system starts at 0 and ends at 10. It's a scale.

0 - revolting
1 - terrible
2 - very bad
3 - bad
4 - below average
5 - average
6 - above average
7 - good
8 - very good
9 - excellent
10 - perfect

6 is above average. Fair enough, its just an opinion anyway.

never_waste_a_bullet2604d ago

regular games are 5? horrible scale this is

Hideo_Kojima2604d ago

Average should be 5 but in gaming reviews it goes like this...

6 terrible
7 bad
8 average
9 good
10 amazing

6 is not above average becausee the majority of games get scores of around 8-9 so the average is 8.5 really

acky12604d ago

Your right Guntrol, in theory 5 should be average but in practice it is anywhere from 7 to 9 which is stupid. Review scores are meaningless nowadays because there is no average. Silly reviewers... and silly gamers for complaining if a game they like doesn't get a 10.

If my scale was used scores would be a little more meaningful but still just an opinion.

theEnemy2604d ago

GT5 worth..

GT5:CE = $100
DFGT = $120
Shirt = $15

GT5 Experience = Priceless.

GTmonster2605d ago

Bad review, not good tbh just for hits, GT5 is a terrific game

ShadowJetX2605d ago

It wasn't an attack review, if you even bothered to read it, he was just one of those people who found GT5's littlest problems to over shadow the greatest parts of the game. This game was over hyped to everyone who expected it to be the most perfect game EVER released. I've got all my fill and then some from the game, and in my own opinion, it is the most perfect game I've ever played thus far.