Black Ops Zombie Guide: “Five”

SarcasticGamer: There are many ways to play Zombies in Black Ops. There are many strategies, but this one is mine. Below is, what I believe to be is a simple, straight forward way to play Five for hours. I’ve gotten as high as level 27, although I’m betting that I can go even farther and you can too.

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jon12342783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I havent even unlocked that level yet, and ive had this game since launch :(

raWfodog2783d ago

You can unlock that level as soon as you get to the Menu screen.

Simply look down and press L2 and R2 (on PS3) rapidly until Mason breaks out of the chair restraints. Then walk over to the computer terminal and type 3ARC UNLOCK. That will unlock the 'FIVE' zombie level.

Additionally, typing DOA will unlock the Dead Ops Arcade game.