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Gamesradar: Gran Turismo has lost its mojo and become a dinosaur among modern racing games. It still drives brilliantly, but it's also bloated, scrappy, unbalanced and majorly dull for prolonged periods of play.

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HelghastDrake2792d ago

lol figures. God how i miss the days of print media in gaming journalism, in the late 90s and early 2000s all the reviews you had to go on where from REAL journalists. Guys in there 30s, who actually went and graduated from college and have been gaming there whole life.

It was EGM, Gamepro and Gameinformer and thats it! now we have "journalists" that are teeny boppers, live in their parents basement and spend 20 bucks to create a website and "review" games.

acedoh2792d ago

EGM was great because they had 4 scores for a game. Obviously one persons opinion can be subjective but when you have 4 reviews it really gives you a great idea about a game. And the great thing about EGM is that they didn't always agree on a score. Nowadays a shooter fan can review a racing game or vice versa. It would make no sense for me to review a shooter if I don't like shooters and if I don't have the patience for a driving simulator I shouldn't review that. It would be like have a restaurant review of a seafood restaurant with someone who hated seafood.

UnbiasedTroll2792d ago

Wow really harsh scores there along with boom town will seriously affect the metacritic score. good average game. Not the legend anyone was expecting . Damn shame and dissapointment.

Qbanj692792d ago

Yeah... just like your spelling.

UnbiasedTroll2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Being a GT fan for long time myself...

Ill have to say..

Forza 3 The Real Driving Simulator.

Some of the things like poor graphics is just unbelievable from PD. I mean a game known to have AMAZING graphics? Be such a let down with awful track and car detail?

In terms of racing games it's last place this generation..

NFS Shift

all taking the kings crown. Will be interesting for Shift 2 now and Forza 4 will probaly annilate...

Jaces2792d ago

I usually trust GR reviews and this comes as a little bit of a shocker.

Good review though, hopefully this will give PD a wake up call to improve more than just the cars and driving. It's an awesome game but they really seemed to slack on everything else that would have brought the GT world alive.

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Zir02792d ago

Another very disappointing score and this time its from quite a big site. And unlike the others this guy seemed to have taken his time with it.

digitaledge2792d ago

GamesRadar are actually owned by Future Publishing. They are pretty big actually. Cheat Planet is a part of that same network, as is ONM, OXM, OPM and every other Future Publishing gaming website. That's why they all link to each other.

And you know what? N4G is part of the SAME network.

digitaledge2792d ago

Wonder why dkgshiz got so many 'Agrees' and I got some 'Disagrees'.

Games Radar didn't start out as a cheat website. It started out as a network of sites under the name 'Gamer Planet', which included 'Cheat Planet', 'Demo Planet' and 'Review Planet' and this was all back in 1999.

Games Radar is part of a network of Future Publishing websites, which evolved from the original Gamer Planet network to the network it is today (which includes this very site). To say that Games Radar isn't big is to say that Future are not a big publishing company, or that N4G isn't growing to be a large and relevant source of games news.

If you need verification of the above, you can see the original 'Gamer Planet' website:
and the original 'Cheat Planet' Website ( now takes you to the Games Radar site):

Big_Dom2792d ago

Games Radar isn't big he says. Are you familiar with GamesMaster? That's the biggest gaming magazine in the UK and Ireland and has recently branched out to a few other countrys. It started out as a TV show in 1992 and ran for 6 years. It's presenter can be seen in my avatar also. GamesRadar is Gamesmaster's sister site, and usually anything associated with GM is a good source. Like most people on here, do a bit of research before talking bollocks. It's not so much journalism in general that's went down the pan, it's this gameing generation as a whole. Completely clueless kids arguing about shit they haven't a clue about and defending a brand name. Complete brainwash.

digitaledge2792d ago


I was 12 years old when GamesMaster first aired, and watched it regularly.

However, as much as I agree with your sentiment, GamesRadar isn't GamesMaster's sister site - GamesMaster doesn't have a site of its own. What you may remember is that during GamesMaster, the reviews were actually handled by magazines, such as C&VG, and NOT the show itself.

C&VG is owned by Future Publishing. Do you see how this all links together? GamesMaster magazine is also owned by Future Publishing, as is the GamesRadar website etc. GamesRadar is part of the biggest gaming network around, and this guy has the cheek to say that it isn't big? lol

Unlike many others, I DO actually do my research before I post.

Oh, and I actually speak to the GamesMaster presenter fairly regularly (although not about games - more about music). Even though he lives in Canada, he always has time for his fellow Scots! lol.

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oldjadedgamer2792d ago

What did you actually think of the game? Oh wait...

You didn't play it. How about you try that? Playing games, I mean.

Coogi2792d ago

You didn't read the review, he obviously played it, GTFO kid.

oldjadedgamer2792d ago


I'm not saying the reviewer didn't play it. I thought it was a rather well thought out review.

However, Zir0 has not. Instead he spends his time trolling GT5 articles telling everyone how bad it is.

Learn how to read, kid.

Coogi2792d ago

Notice how you get disagrees...why? Bias people. Now if it would have gotten a 9 and not a 7 they would agree with this post.

So first Sony fanboys say Sales don't matter so let me guess reviews don't matter either? So what should we go by pretty pictures on the box or what?

hoops2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

This also applies to Xbox360 fanboys.
When a game that hits the Xbox360 scores poorly or average, they post:

"It's going to sell more than any PS3 game!!!"

Now you are seeing the same exact thing happen with GT5.
It is scoring well below what everyone expected and NOW the fanboys for Sony are mimicking what the MS fanboys have done:

"It's going to sell more than any other Xbox360 game."

Seems SALES do matter to fanboys on both sides of the aisle when the game on their system of nut hugging choice is scoring poorly of average or even above average.
Everyone expects 110% these days when 8/10 use to be amazing.
How times have changed.
For god sakes people just play the game to find out for yourself instead of listening to reviews of ANOTHER PERSONS OPINION.
You don't own the company to care. As long as YOU like the game, that's what should matter most.

Dee_912792d ago

you shouldnt care about disagrees so much
i seen people get disagrees for making a lisst of games they had ... after that the disagree agree system was pretty pointless to me especially since u can get 50 disagrees and no reason why ..

TKCMuzzer2792d ago

Did you ever read the preview they did for Killzone 2 after a quick 5 min play at an event, it was pretty amateur. Big does not mean better, in fact I find their reviews hit and miss.
I'm amazed how shadows seem to make a game these days, it's mind boggling. 8.5 is a more accurate score, with 7 they are just over picking because it's GT5. I seem to be in a minority who don't find the menu's confusing.
I've played it more than I did Forza 3, says it all.

VictoriousB132792d ago

Hey, you want to here something really weird? Reviews are based on the opinion of the reviewer! Imagine that, huh?

DOMination2792d ago

They are a big site and hopefully this will help reduce the metacritic for this trash even further.

Excellently written review.

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James Vanderbeek2792d ago

its seems like people are just complaining the game is too hard. f'ing losers lol. i dont listen to reviewers anymore. its all false hope and u cant really trust them anymore. no media. listen to the gamers who actually enjoy the game. and most of all gt5 owners love it.

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