Mirror’s Edge ‘fell short’, says EA’s Gibeau

Dead Space missed targets too, but made a profit.

EA DICE’s highly-anticipated first-person title Mirror’s Edge missed commercial and critical targets within Electronic Arts, a key exec has said.

Frank Gibeau, who inherited the presidency of the EA Games label in 2008, said the lesson learned from Mirror’s Edge was “you have to execute, you have to spend more time on a game to ensure it’s polished, and you need to have the depth and persistence of an online game.”

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dkblackhawk502854d ago

At least they are honest about it. Most companies would do the exact opposite. *ahem* Activision *cough*

ultramoot2854d ago

Even for EA, this is quite rare. Maybe the big boys in charge are currently in a good mood.

Yi-Long2854d ago

... but I'd prefer it if they'd just focus on the free-running and the racing, instead of the whole story-aspect of it with guns and stuff...

The time-trial stuff was the most fun. Just throw in a bunch of diverse gorgeous settings (Futuristic Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico City, Paris, San Francisco, etc etc) and give her opponents to race and stuff, and maybe a combo-system for score-attacks, and you would have a winner on your hands

Cenobia2854d ago

That type of game wouldn't interest me at all. I honestly didn't care for the race stuff much. It feels like a more complex version of N+ except waay too long, which eliminated the "Oh I made a mistake, but it's okay because I only lost 10 seconds of progress" factor of those games.

I think the story needs an overhaul, but the gun-play was pretty minimal in the original and the few times you decided to use them helped change things up. If they improve the narrative the second game could be really good. I think an open world version could be cool too.

IMO the racing stuff should just be a secondary bonus.

Alcohog2854d ago

Indeed...The time trials were like crack, and took a lot of skill to master. Very fun and addicting.

r1sh122854d ago

Having played the demo at the time, I thought the game was a good concept.
I didnt buy it at the time because I didnt have time to play anything, when I did people told me it was meh, and I was still playing around on GTA IV multiplayer.
Its a shame, I thought the game was decent, but they didnt capture enough people with it.
Lets hope that the occasionally take risks on games that arent as mainstream.
The could hit a diamond without knowing.

NYC_Gamer2854d ago

these games might have fell short on the sales targets...but a lot of fans enjoyed them...

Active Reload2854d ago

Those are the games that you keep.

ct032854d ago

Has anybody who played Mirror's Edge not liked it? All I read about it online is praise. It was a great game.
I didn't really follow the storyline as it was boring and visually too different from the actual game. But the gameplay was phenomenal.

And Dead Space was awesome. I'm not interested in multiplayer stuff. Just give me a good follow-up to the first game, and I'm happy.

Dark-Cloud2854d ago

alots of people hated it because it was too hard for them , even my little brother and other people i know didn't know how to complete the training XD ... but it was very easy for me because this game is my type , i love it , i love fast gameplay and pro gameplay >.< , i do alots of things together even when i write about it here !! XD...

JBaby3432854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

While I liked it I found it incredibly frustrating. The SP was a lot of fun and I beat it without using guns :-) but the time trials were so freaking impossible and I got punked by the game so many times I just stopped playing. I tried looking at youtube videos and running the courses with the "shadows" of other players but even on the zip lines they went faster than I did and pulled away from me no matter how I tried to jump, run, etc. Nothing ever worked out the way it was supposed to. Things I would try would never work and then in videos I watched people did crazy things and I couldn't believe they could get away with some things while my seemingly realistic approaches never worked.

In the end I conceded that I just sucked at the game but I wish they could have made it a little more fun in some regards.

Overall I liked the game and the new approach it gave. I felt the story did enough to keep it going and the combat was interesting but past the single player aspect I can't say I really enjoyed it.

Alcohog2854d ago

One of my favorite games of 2008...of this gen even. The game was very polished IMO. Are they saying in this article that there will not be a sequel? So disappointing if so. All you non-buyers should be ashamed. Fantastic game with great atmosphere.

Solbadguy2854d ago

I preordered Mirror's Edge cause it came with the bag plus the game was great too.

SuicidalTendencies2854d ago

Loved this game. I even bought it twice. Once for PS3 and again for 360 later on.

AKS2854d ago

Same here, but I bought it for PS3 then PC. It looks incredible on PC at the highest settings. Many would be stunned by the image quality, and I get a beautiful 60 fps unless I turn on PhysX (a nasty frame killer). It's pretty well optimized.

I don't understand complaints about polish. It was well polished and was a beautiful departure from the typical blockbuster game. I loved Mirror's Edge and actually still play it now.

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