E4G's Game of The Year Nominees

E4G: Here at E4G, we take pride in reviewing games just as much as we love playing them. After a long week of getting the votes from the staff members, it is clear that this year's decision will be the toughest one that we have had to do.

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dkblackhawk502791d ago

God of War III all the way :D

darkcharizard2791d ago

Halo: Reach will win.. just look at the number of people supporting it!

Hiruma Youchi2791d ago

I'm positive Reach will win because it got a Solid Multiplayer.

SmokexFFx2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I think ME2 will beat Reach, but wouldn't it be awesome if one of the lesser known artistic games like Alan Wake/Heavy rain took it? There is also SMG2 and RDR which could take it.

Lightsaber2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

cant believe no AC:BH it should be in the running for goty. I hope Alan Wake gets it it might really boost the sales and that games deserves it

StanLee2791d ago

An overall Game of the Year list without Mass Effect 2; FAIL!

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Neckbear2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

If anything, Bayonetta deserves the prize more than God of War III, in my opinion.

Also, I'm sad to see that Recettear isn't in the "indie" section.

I don't really like this list, as well as (almost) every "GOTY" list. Ah well.

ilikestuff2791d ago

gow was awesome but they probably give it to black ops

SeNiLe9112791d ago

Just please not Call of Duty: Black Ops...

Hitman07692791d ago

Hahaha, how about Gran TUrismo 5?

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T9X692791d ago

Why is the picture of Spike VGA?

This site has some shit nominations.

Best fighter UFC? I bought UFC 2010 on PS3 and the only good thing about that game was the real fights they had on blu-ray. ME2 not even nominated for GOTY? lol Best MMO and there's only one nominee, wtf kind of site is this?

Megaton2791d ago

It's dkblackhawk50's site. Knowing how he acts/works around N4G and reading the serious summary for this article made me laugh pretty hard.

He used to report pending articles into failure and then steal their contents for his own site, re-submitting them himself. That was before he changed his user name to what it is now.

bananasNmonkeys2791d ago

Would of liked to of seen just cause 2 in one of those categories. The game is seriously underrated.

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