Go! Gaming Giant: Fable III Understone Quest Pack Review

From the review:

"As with the previous titles, Fable III wasn’t a particularly long game, so it was a relief when the first DLC add-on was promptly released, giving us a reason to continue roaming the countryside and kill things. Having played Knothole Island and See The Future for Fable II, I was really looking forward to seeing what adventures would be had in the new town of Understone. Just hearing the name brings forth thoughts of dwarves, Undead, giant bugs, and other possibilities. To make things even more interesting, we are also treated with new weapons, a couple of free goodies, and three new quests: Shooting Range, The Wheel of Misfortune, and The Voice. It’s just too bad that the DLC as a whole is actually rather disappointing and underwhelming."

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omicron0092761d ago

that 2nd image looks like something out of Fallout.

RaymondM2761d ago

Nice, I think I'm almost finished with Fable 3 now, so some DLC is just what the doctor ordered!