Kinect – Reluctant Positivity

I didn’t think much of controller-less motion controls because my experience with this form of gaming is somewhat limited. Yes, I was eager to try out the Kinect, but only out of morbid curiosity. I was surprised when I found myself seriously impressed by the system's facial recognition Kinect was actually a lot of fun.

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pat_11_52514d ago

I'm still on the fence, maybe I'll pick it up.

Dylantalon12514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

People just need to think about the practically of using these motion controls. I bought the Wii with the dream of being able to play games with 1:1 motions which was a lie and I thought I would have a lot of core games to play but I guess it was all a dream. Kinect is here and it works, but doesn't work as advertise and once people are over the initial excitement of playing something that's new then theyll start to see how cumbersome of a device it is. A lot of short sited people love to tout about the limited voice command controls or how you can navigate a few menu bars but it'd be easier and faster to do those things with a controller or pressing buttons. Another negative point about kinect is that it has input lag but the apologist love to say it doesn't exist just like rrod isn't real. To each his own, in a month after purchase I know that more than half of kinect buyers will have the device sitting in a closet or won't use it again.

I don't understand the idea of people lying about these devices or trying to suppress the actual truth of how the devices works. Wii doesn't do augmented reality, kinect isn't 1:1 motion and it runs at 30 frames per sec and the move needs the light ball to track accurately. Kinect can't do fast pace motion games and the device is limited to simple games and the launch titles backs up that statement but fanboys will scream and cry that its a lie.

Greycat_James2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

The main reason I disagree with you is simply the fact that the Kinect works better as a utility than the Wii ever did. The main reason my Wii never got used after around 6 months was the lack of support for the games I liked and the fact that I couldn't really use it for anything else but the crap that I didn't want to play. There's a bunch of things that could become common use for Kinect buyers.

One being the video chat function straight from your console which I would love so I could chat to my girlfriend while on Xbox Live and she's on her PC at home. Currently I can't play on Xbox Live while Skyping her which can get annoying when I want to play online but still want to talk to her.

Another thing which may seem small and insignificant is the voice commands. After a while you get so used to doing it that when I stopped playing on my parents Xbox S with Kinect and came back to University it was actually one of my most missed features. I do agree that it is limited however. It could always be patched with new commands later on however and developers can use the same technology in their games to add more.

As of now there are no games that truly show off what Kinect can do, which is unfortunate. However there's some very neat things showing up from people who have hacked it so the power's in there somewhere. It's just up to developers to work out how to use it properly.

Also, from my experience the lag is dependant on each individual game and I look forward to the day when the first game which uses the controller and Kinect shows up.

TheSleepyGamer2513d ago

I can't bring myself to commit time and money into what seems like the new wave of casual games. I prefer games that involve a little more depth than flailing my arms around so that I can hit some rubber balls.