4 New Characters Revealed For Dynasty Warriors 7

This week, Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has uneviled four new playable combatants in KOEI’s seventh mainstream instalment of the Dynasty Warriors series (know in Japan as Shin Sangokumusou.) Since it’s second incarnation which launched during the early days of the PlayStation 2, the series has changed little, recycling the exact same story torn from the pages of Ancient Chinese history, only adding new characters and mechanical tweaks along the way. Though the gameplay in Dynasty Warriors 7 looks identical to its predecessors, this time KOEI have gone the extra mile, extending the narrative timeline from 234AD to 280AD. History lessons aside, an extra 46 years for the game to explore inevitably means an extended roster of characters, which is said to be more than any other Dynasty Warriors game to date.

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sjeen662606d ago

three of em look badass