Where Is Assassin's Creed Going Next?

We Got This Covered takes a look at all the news that has leaked out about Assassin's Creed 3. Using that info, We Got This Covered makes predictions on where the series might be heading net.

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Doctorofreality2762d ago

Egypt = playing it safer
Neon metropolis = risk of being unrecognizable

VenomProject2761d ago

There's actually talk about going into Russia.

AAACE52761d ago

Where is it going next? VEGAS! LMAO!

kneon2760d ago

I'm all for Saint Petersburg during the early 1700's. You've got Peter the Great, war with Sweden and the founding of Saint Petersburg. Lots of possibilities. And it's another city I've visited, so far I've been to every city in every AC game so I don't want the streak to end :)

Sunny_D2761d ago

Nah, they're going Back To The Future! Yeah............

Shackdaddy8362761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

No. He no like the time period. Has nothing to do with the nation. That time period just doesn't work.

I don't like the idea either. It needs to be in a time period where people primarily used swords/knives. Otherwise it will just turn into a splinter cell copy.

Rocket Sauce2761d ago

They're going to have to move to guns eventually. It's already pretty silly how 500-year-old Ezio carries a piece but nobody in the present day thinks to.

I hope they do World War II-era France someday. I'm sure Assassins would have been kicking much Nazi ass back then.

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NecrumSlavery2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Give us 20% of the next game outside the Animus. The historical gameing is groovy, but I really want to know more about Desmond and the real reasons behind the series. The Real world Sci-Fi part of AC is my favorite. I want more of it.

Nate-Dog2761d ago

I agree, while I'm enjoying playing more of Ezio's story I'm glad AC:B (at least so far) has had a decent amount of Desmond time. It's his story after all and this story which still has to be played out, and all these events are connected to him through his ancestors. Honestly I'm a little worried for Assassins Creed though. With AC:B not even being out and Ubi already talking about ACIII, and now confirmation that we're gonna have another AC game in 2011 (not even 2011 OR 2012 like they previously stated) just makes me feel like this is going to turn to a situation where the story is going to become so convoluted like MGS from a situation where it never needed to be so.

I hope I'm wrong but it's really looking like I'm not going to be.

Eamon2761d ago

lol, MGS story wasn't convoluted. It's just complex. I like complex plots like Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy VII.

I also like The Truth segments. It's amazing how they managed to intertwine real life events and problems into the conspiracy.

Nate-Dog2761d ago

It is convoluted though, MGS4 itself was focused on tieing up all the "loose ends" that were left from MGS1-MGS3 as opposed to really extending the story. Portable Ops and Peace Walker have created retcons as if MGS4 didn't create enough itself and the story doesn't even look to be over with Rising and surely other games on the horizon.

Eamon2760d ago

I understand your reasons. MGS4 did feel it was more of a story to tie up loose ends. I mean, anyone who had not played the previous MGS games would be completely lost in MGS4. I guess if MGS4's story had any flaw it would be this. But as a big fan of the series, I enjoyed it and MGS4 really ended the story for me. MGS Rising is a side story that is set before MGS4. I think Snake's story is finished but who knows what Kojima might come up with next.

But right now, Assassin's Creed main story focuses on Desmond. The progression of his story is almost nothing compared to Altair's and Ezio's stories. As a Ubi developer said, the ending of AC1 with the blood on the walls hasn't got much to do with the story of AC2 and its sequels but it's important to the mythos of the story.

You sound like you wouldn't want to be a fan of LOST Nate-Dog. lol

Vince_Y2761d ago

I would like to see one in the Asian side of the world. Maybe a Chinese assassin in the Han dynasty or a ninja assassin in feudal Japan. With all the martial arts films featuring wire-fu and running across rooftops, we're already half there to making a AC work in those settings. *drools*

Gandalf2761d ago

First video game where you can fight Genghis Khan. Sadly, Bruce Lee will be the final boss, so instant game over.

thegreatest78842761d ago

I want to learn more about Desmond outside of the Animus, so I'm not really hoping for some elegant landscape for one of his ancestors to explore. Also, unless something was revealed in Brotherhood that would change this, I don't think the futuristic setting would make sense. Desmond goes into the Animus to relive his ancestors memories, it's not a time machine to send him into the future.

TheHip142761d ago

A futuristic AC would be unreal, set in a Blade Runner like universe

RaymondM2761d ago

this might be on of the best ideas I've ever heard. Using the architecture of blade runner would make that game look astounding

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