GodisaGeek’s Top 10 “God That Looks Good” Moments in Gaming History

It takes a lot to shock folks nowadays. People seem to revel in being more cynical than everyone around them. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped game developers from trying to push the boundaries of their own abilities and the consoles they program for. Their aim; to make us shake our heads in awe and simply say “wow, that looks freaking amazing”.

For your amusement, here is a list of ten moments that we think did that the best.

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Picnic2779d ago

It looks like they've been playing games for no more than 10 years and even then they found no place for Jet Set Radio (one of the first notable uses of cel-shading or they could have picked the later Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker), the Resident Evil Gamecube remake (gave remakes a good name), Metroid Prime's Phenandra Drifts level (awe inspiring for many) or the Bioshock trailer. At least an Uncharted game features.