Rumor: Aerosmith headlining Guitar Hero IV reported that Guitar Hero IV would be built on Aerosmith's music, it seemed--no offense to the band--like a step backwards. There is some room for misinterpreting the report, but not a whole lot.

"Besides the album, Aerosmith is also working closely with the makers of Guitar Hero IV," the article states, "which will be dedicated to the Boston group's music. 'I don't know much about the technical part of it,' Perry says, 'but artistically we're working hand in hand.'" (Emphasis added.)

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monkey6024118d ago

Hey ja ja jaded! I love Aerosmith. But nevemind GH4 I want GH3 already


or maybe Carlos Santana,... Who.. Alice Cooper... and the list goes on....

Morbius4204118d ago

I'll be getting Rock Band 2 then.