Sony Set for an Epic Year in 2011

PS3Blognet writes: "Each year for the PS3 has been more epic then the last and I find myself asking…Can Sony really pull of an even better year? So I sat down and did a little research on the games we know, the hardware we know and the ones we don’t know and let me tell you, I have a list, a very long list of awesome exclusive games set for 2011."

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zootang2764d ago

We should expect this, after the last couple of years exclusives.

vsr2764d ago

Wow !!!!! What a lineup!!!!

I'm happy that the HD console war is going to end in 2011.
No more fanboywars. Like PS & PS2 era.

Inside_out2764d ago Show
zootang2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

My personal Favourites PS3 Exclusives

Metal Gear Solid 4
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
Heavy Rain
Resistance 2
Infamous - what a game!

In no order

CaptainMarvelQ82764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

if sony's lineup was sad,then i don't know what to say about the 360

plenty a tool2764d ago

very nice indeed..

there is seven games on that list that are must buys for me! thats without multiplats and xbox 360 games.

damn 2011 is looking expensive!!

Ch1d0r12764d ago

Infamous one of the worst exclusives, that game was so repetitive. Go to this area, Turn the power on, Kill enemies, go to this area, turn the power on, kill enemies... repeat, repeat, repeat. The only good part was the intro.

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lovestospoodge2764d ago

what are they talking about?!
all they have coming is gears of war...
...wait i misread...

Peppino72764d ago

Don't they also have Kinect? /s

VINNIEPAZ2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I'm hoping to see some great titles with the Move controller. And I don't mean 1st person shooters, not really my style. I want some cool adventure type game to take advantage of Move.

Anyone know a good site for upcoming Move titles?

"all they have coming is gears of war..."

WTF Random fanboy moment, calm down buddy

"lol dude im actually pissed at microsoft cuz im probably not gonna use my 360 until gears"

Well if you only have both systems and only buy multiplatforms for one then thats your choice.

lovestospoodge2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

lol dude im actually pissed at microsoft cuz im probably not gonna use my 360 until gears

edit: the point i'm making was that i feel like i wasted a bit o' cash originally wanting the best possible gaming experience with lots of exclusives. but MS is pumping all their sh*t into casual da f*ck?

2764d ago
Corepred42764d ago

i actually just sold my 360 yesterday. i wanted to keep it for gears but it was just sitting there wasting space. so when taxes come around i'll buy the newest 360 model and enjoy it then. hopefully they'll have more than just gears by then.

joydestroy2764d ago

wow great list and lots of games to look forward to in 2011!

visualb2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I have to say after 2009 and 2010, 2011 IS better, simply by numbers of quality games coming out

most are 2nd iterations of previous exclusives (infamous 2, LBP2, motorstorm AP, uncharted 3, KZ3) so a lot of improved quality + new IP's (TLG? maybe another im forgetting)

so although 2008, 2009 and 2010 increased in quality, 2011 is just over kill

I won't even have enough money the first few months for all the exclusives none the less multiplats too =( - which are also turning out to be the best so far! (Rage?! DEAD SPACE 2!!!, L.A Noir, Batman A.C...and god knows what else)

kinda sucks from one point of view, but ultimately it is awesome

lelo2play2764d ago

If those games announced for release on 2011 do actually come out in 2011, then i believe Sony will have a great 2011.

phatak2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

1killzone 3
2.motorstorm apocalypse
3. final fantasy 14
4. yakuza 4
5.socom 4
6. sorcery
.7 journey
8. heroes on the move
9. final fantasy vs 13
10. infamous 2
11.twisted metal ps3
12. resistance 3
13. ratchet and clank 4 one
14. the last guardian
15. agent
16. little big planet 2
17. ico collection

FOXDIE2763d ago

Im getting these games next year:

The Agent
Infamous 2
Killzone 3
Little Big Planet 2
Resistance 3
Team Ico Collection
The Last Guardian
Twisted Metal
Yakuza 4
Batman Arkham City
Dead Space 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Dragon Age 2
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
Metal Gear Solid Rising
Portal 2

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zetsuei12764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Seriously it's amazing that Sony still have MORE cards hidden like Dylan/Warhawk developer new exclusive game, Naughty Dog's next game, Studio London which has already announced that they are making a new game for PS3 (most likely The Getaway sequel) and also Cambridge Studios that are also working on a new game and hiring people.

Not only that Guerrilla Games did announce back ago that they are making a New IP and they are already working on it. And Studio Santa Monica who knows what they are up to.

No one can muscle Sony when it comes to exclusives Top Quality AAA games. Kutaragi wasn't kidding when he said we are going to need two jobs lol.

supremacy2764d ago

Dont forget there are two ape escape games coming, and in addition to that syphone filter.

Parapraxis2764d ago

More like the boy who skinned wolf.
Because Sony is killin it.

The Meerkat2764d ago

"fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

How many times has Sony fooled its fans?

mrcash2764d ago

every year sony is suppose to have the best lineup, unfortunately for me, they always delay the games i look forward to.

Parapraxis2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Name a few mrcash...let's hear 3 titles that were delayed.

And name 1 that was delayed more than 5 months:

EDIT: Oh oh, please do The Meerkat, don't worry a list of 5 isn't that long, I'm sure you can do it! I'm sure everybody is dying to know!

The Meerkat2764d ago

I could name 5 that disappointed.

But I won't, because lists are for Sony fanboys.

mrcash2764d ago

well for my the only games i was looking forward to this holiday, were LBP and Socom so as you can see I havent had much to play for quite sometime on ps, I ended up playing HS this year HR and Gow3.

CernaML2764d ago

lol @ Meerkat. Sony destroyed Microsoft in 2009. Microsoft got lucky this year. Sony is set to do even more damage in 2011 than in 2009. :)

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8-bit2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

^ The fanboy who cries.. Hope Gears comes sooner than later just so you have a reason to play your 360

visualb2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

yeah its quite a popular folk story.

now, the off topic button *click*

I'm sure you could name them. its easy, but I doubt you ever played them. so judging that they "disappointed" is, if anything, crying wolf

if you have to come in here trolling games you haven't ever even seen played live, nonetheless played, you must be quite disappointed with your selection of games =)

tplarkin72764d ago

Another year... Another Sony fanboy hopes it will be the year of Sony.

Vegeta90002764d ago

Another year... Another Microsoft fanboy gets butthurt cause they have no games.

VINNIEPAZ2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

"Another year... Another Microsoft fanboy gets butthurt cause they have no games."

I never understand this logic of "no games". You do know that games OTHER than 1st party come out for systems right?

@Nicaragua - Yes but he didn't say that. He said there are "no games" to play, not "If you only play exclusives you'll have no games to play except Gears 3" Plus the fact he brought the Xbox up in a PS3 article shows a lot of his character, or anyone defending such behavior....

Nicaragua2764d ago

of course they do but the reason people talk about exclusives is that they are a positive point for that particluar console. You can hardly discuss the merits of one particular consoles lineup if the same applies to a competing console.

Surely that didnt need explaining ?

LarVanian2764d ago

I never understand this logic of "no games". You do know that games OTHER than 1st party come out for systems right?
----------------------------- --------

For some reason that never applied for PS3 back in 2007 when the 360 fanboy legion consistently bashed PS3 for apparently having 'no games'

lukewind2764d ago

NO games, what are you smoking?

KratosGod32764d ago

@tplarkin7 a 360 Butthurt
OH!!! Yes whatever.
2006- PS3 was release in late 2006. 360 in late 2005
2007- PS3 $599 -360 $499, $399 and $299
2008- PS3 few exclusives. 360 a lot of exclusives and time DLC exclusives
2009- PS3 price cut $299. -360 price cut $299 and $199
2010- 360 slim redesign, Halo Reach, and Kinect give away.
Also 500 million campaigns to give FREE 360's and FREE Kinect cameras and force people to buy software.
And you pretend PS3 to overtake 360 right away… Man it will take time!!! Just wait. But don't cry when that happens.

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NYC_Gamer2764d ago

why so negative?why shouldnt he be happy about all the new games coming for the ps3

JAMurida2764d ago

Fanboy driven battles here and there is like racism, it will never end until there is only one... unfortunately.

AKissFromDaddy2764d ago

The best year to own a PS3 so far.