Microsoft May Challenge Cable Companies With Pay TV Service Through Xbox

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) may be trying to create a “cord-cutting” over-the-top TV service by selling access to networks’ programming through its Xbox system, Reuters reports, citing unidentified services. So far, Microsoft appears to be in the early stages of talks with programmers about its planned service, which would be at least a year away from being introduced to the public.

Microsoft is considering a range of possibilities for becoming a “virtual cable operator.” The basic scenario would call for Microsoft charging Xbox users a monthly subscription as part of an internet streaming service, similar to other over-the-top providers like Boxee. It would also consider participating in the “TV Everywhere” concept by using Xbox to authenticate current cable subscribers and allowing them to watch shows through its interactive system.

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Convas2640d ago

This would be great!

Except ...

They plan on charging us more BESIDES what we're paying for Xbox Live? How much more exactly? $10? $20? $30?!

I'unno. It's interesting to say the least.

VINNIEPAZ2640d ago

"They plan on charging us more BESIDES what we're paying for Xbox Live?"

Um, yea? what you except to get full cable TV with that? LMMFAO

They are offering a separate service here. WTF cant you get about that? Maybe they should throw in Netflix too right?

Active Reload2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

All MS has to do and what they should be doing, is try getting Live connected to every TV in the world. They should be trying to get the 360 into Hotels, lodges and resorts. I went to Stonewall Jackson resort in Wv and they had one of those plug and play controllers that had old games built into it. MS should be trying to replace those with 360s. Sony and Nintendo should be trying this also. I'm just speaking from a business standpoint.

evrfighter2640d ago

Seeing as to what they consider competing with steam with their new GWFL...I wouldn't expect anything special.

SkyGamer2640d ago

Could happen as a certain Microsoft co-founder owns the second biggest cable company, Charter. I could see it happening as they already provide phone, tv and cable. Imagine paying a one price for Live, digital phone, internet and tv. All MS needs to do is control the heating issues with the stupid ATI graphics card because I for one leave my tv on a lot.

The Meerkat2640d ago

Piracy + xbox streaming = free and greater choice.

8-bit2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I am loving the PS3's new Vudu movie streaming service. It only charges you when you need to rent something, not a monthly fee. HD content on demand, new releases, post reviews to Facebook and Twitter. It is really impressive. Between that and Netflix I am set. No need to pirate content

NegativeCreepWA2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I got my free movie from vudu and thats it. It's just like renting a digital movie from the PSN store, Zune store or on demand from comcast. So like those its a rip off. Netflix is the only way to go, for the price of three movies off any of those services I can get twice as many blu rays in a month through netflix. I don't see how people can pay $6-7 for a one night rental.

I will say I like the set up for Vudu and if I was to use a digital rental service it I would probably use it.


I cant wait to be able to cut my cable service and just have internet, I will save a lot of money. Hurry up Microsoft

mrcash2640d ago

lol you would still have to pay them and knowing MS you would probably have to pay per channel.

BillOreilly2640d ago

yeay you would pay them but live is around 3-4 bux a month cable is idk say 30-50. If they could do it all for say 25 id take it. The problem is they need their own internet, but theirs live is free plus cable. The 360 slim would be the cable box for renting. They could kill charter unlesss charter adds onlive game rental type service onto their boxes, that would kill most consoles. Whoever does it first will be a juggernaught.

BX812640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Just man up and cut it off! LOL I haven't had cable in over 4yrs now. I personally only watch around 4 to 5 channels and unless there is a service that I don't know about that will let me choose those channels and only pay for them, then I was over paying. So I cut it off. I actually don't miss what I can't see. It's funny though, because sometimes a movie will come out at walmart and I'll never have seen a preview for it.

frostypants2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

All the cable company will do is jack up the price to have standalone internet. They're gonna get their money from you one way or the other, unless you find a non-cable ISP (most of which suck right now).

ajlopo2640d ago

they've been talking about IPTV for years...I hope they can make it happen.

DlocDaBudSmoka2640d ago

screw that, ill just use hulu plus or netflix.

BX812640d ago

Why? Does Hulu plus show live sporting events and live television?

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