As Netflix bears down, Hulu Plus cuts price

Hulu Plus is trying to become a better bargain.

The video portal backed by Disney, Fox, and NBC Universal said today that it has trimmed the monthly price of its subscription to $7.99 (from 9.99), an obvious sign that the service is struggling to acquire customers.

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DaThreats2703d ago

aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... .

D4RkNIKON2702d ago

I tried Hulu plus and compared to Netflix it is total crap. It's nice that it has entire back catalogs of shows all episodes, and it's nice that they have episodes the day after they air on TV but other than that it is all bad news.

The streaming quality doesn't compare to Netflix. The worst part about Hulu Plus is that you pay $10 a month for limited content, on the PC has MUCH more shows and variety that you don't get when you PAY for plus..

NecrumSlavery2702d ago

I wouldn't call Hulu Plus crap. It has a great interface, it's HD runs smooth, the feature setup is wonderful. But the fact it doesn't have 1/20th the content of is disgraceful. You are paying for convenience.

If Hulu Plus was the same as it would kill the Cable companies

Controversy2702d ago

Remember when Hulu was available FOR FREE ON THE PS3 BROWSER? Now they want to charge $10 for less content WITH ADS. Really?

This article sums it up well: Netflix or Hulu Plus? Your Gaming Dollar


somerandomdude2702d ago

Losing Viacom is a huge loss to Hulu and it makes me wounder is Hulu is even willing to take the risks necessary to compete with netflix.

Jaces2702d ago

Ya I use netflix for streaming only and vudu for movies.

Tired of waiting for my movies in the mail.

somerandomdude2702d ago

Vudu would be cool if they had a movie for one dollar for one night. What is up with having to pay 2 dollars for 2 nights? who needs 2 nights for instant digital streaming.

Jaces2701d ago

Redbox is cool and all but I really hate waiting for the new releases to finally become available.

iagainsti1202702d ago

cant say i didn't think something like this would happen netflix has a monopoly on streaming at the moment hulu was a couple of years late and to expensive for what it offers.

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The story is too old to be commented.