Edge: The Undergarden Review

Edge: Float around the caverns of The Undergarden and the barren rocks bloom into life, glowing fronds sprout from crevices and fruits bulge from the stems of newly unfurled trees. The comparisons to Flower are quick to come, and, certainly it adopts both that game’s idea of xen transformation and its gentle notions of challenge. The structure and the shape of the game, meanwhile, finds a closer ancestor in Mekensleep's Soul Bubbles - a 2D side-scrolling DS game in which a pixie-like creature wafted through chambers to the thrum of distant drums and soothing ambient sounds. Light physics puzzles forced notional rumination, and hidden areas concealed secrets for the completists. So, too in The Undergarden - except, if anything, it further unshackles the player from challenge, teasing the distinction between meditative and mindless.

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