Call of Duty: Black Ops Mythbusters

Ever wondered if Care Package helicopters can crash into each other? is it possible to leap over a launched RPG? Can you shoot a Valkyrie missile out of the air? The answer to all these questions and more lie in the excellent Call of Duty Mythbusters video series, embedded below.

The video was made by Defend The House. If you have a Call of Duty: Black Ops myth that you want busted, you can submit suggestions via the comments on their site, or via the Defend the House YouTube Channel. The first collection of myths get put to the test in the video below, with some surprising and spectacular results.

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B-Real2062671d ago

Nice! a must watch for any cod fan!

PinchoVe2670d ago

Yeah, i love these series of videos. That dive was fantastic!

DORMIN2668d ago

The win is strong in this one!

Bring on the second episode!

catguykyou2670d ago

That was really neat, creative video. Hope more are posted for this and other games.

ambientFLIER2670d ago

They have many of these for other games, made by the same people.

Der_Kommandant2670d ago

That Matrix Dive was awesome

Simco8762670d ago

Agree, I didn't think it would work. I am going to try to bend spoons and dodge bullets now...

"Your saying I can dodge bullets? When your ready you won't have too..."

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