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FlyWestbrook2758d ago

The moms that bought the DS for their kid should have done research. They are gonna be pissed when their kid asks for the 3DS in like 4 months.

deadreckoning6662758d ago

^^Thats the truth right there.

killalot1002758d ago

should of got them a psp, oh wait never mind.

archemides5182758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

actually prolly not, cuz the moms will be able to say "i already got you something so play it!!!" instead of shelling out the ludicrous 300+ bux, she'd have to consider the 3ds if the kid had nothing

"maybe next xmas"...but we all know what maybe means

Moerdigan2758d ago

I doubt that changes kids minds. they was stuff NOW.

They will have to wait next Christmas... if they been really good.

AWBrawler2758d ago

3DS releases close to income tax time. it'll sell big

Titanz2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

So it'll be as popular as an Ipad.

No more, "Is the Wii dead?" articles I suppose.

n4f2758d ago

loll just wait at least 2 week youll see
''wii is teh doom cause move+kinect iz here''

Mahr2758d ago

"No more, "Is the Wii dead?" articles I suppose."


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Simco8762758d ago

Nintendo - selling technology from 2000 for $150 bucks a pop.

Nintendo defines casuals now. IMO

Greek God2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

not by quality lol
ps3 , xbox kill nitendo with their games
[email protected]: What you mean those Mario Zelda Metroid games ?... same old stuff for lil kids boring
there is not 1 new ip worth playing for wii .. sad

ok no innovation is very good hah? lol

EYEamNUMBER12758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

if its simply quality tittles nintendo has always been putting those out so i dunno what your talking about

EDIT: you just proved your ignorance
you said QUALITY the FACT of the matter is whether you like em or not said games are QUALITY tittles

hence my point nintendo themselves have always released quality tittles

qface642758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

last story and xeno blade are new ips they release new ips all the time actually just because they aren't as big as mario or zelda doesn't mean they aren't there

i bet you couldn't even define innovation
i noticed ALLOT of people like to throw that word around without actually even knowing how to actually define it

EYEamNUMBER12758d ago

hey go ahead and try to change the point to innovation and new ips

doesn't change the fact you just just showed how ignorant and somewhat dumb you are with your own comment

my point still stands you said QUALITY and nintendo has ALWAYS released QUALITY tittles

SnakePlissken2758d ago

very ignorant statement indeed Greek God and you call yourself a gamer? you make me ashamed to be one! enjoy all games on all systems, as long as its a good game!

AWBrawler2758d ago

and many more new IP's are worth playing

schlanz2758d ago

Super Mario galaxy 1&2 outclass the entire exclusive offerings of 360. New IP or not what matters most is if the game is fun.

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InvaderZim2758d ago

Holy crap... How? Man, Nintendo pretty much OWNED this gen. Damn the casuals!

Yangus2758d ago

SMG 1-2 casuals?Zelda?Metroid?MH3?

DS many JRPG casual?Final Fantasy,Dragon Quest,etc?Castlevania?

3DS 2011 casual?Zelda,Resident,MGS?

Rage_S902758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

zelda was casual i beat that game dying about 3 times and ganadof only to took 2 tries....

InvaderZim2758d ago

I'm well aware of Nintendo's incredible games. But to call them "hardcore" is a bit of a stretch don't you think? What I'm trying to say is that compared to "old" Nintendo, "new" Nintendo is for casuals. Doesn't matter anyway. I will always love Nintendo no matter what. I can't imagine a world where Mario,Zelda, and Donkey Kong never existed lol.

wingman32x2758d ago


I share the same opinion. I grew up on those games. As long as they keep their core in place I will always have room for Nintendo. Casual or not.

n4f2758d ago

yeah i agree with not calling wii hardcore cause anyway the word hardcore lost his meaning.
but dont tell me that watching a movie going to internet, listening to music, watching picture, sharing stuff in facebook, and more is hardcore
come on be serious twitter? to twitt my friend when im playing?!?! is hardcore?

schlanz2758d ago

Its moronic to label Nintendo as either exclusively hardcore or casual. They make games that appeal to both groups and people of all ages.
However you can attribute their wild success with hardware sales predominantly to the casual crowd. Not a bad thing by any means. As long as they keep making fun and imaginative games that's the most important thing.

Also I just want to add that kinect is more casual than anything offered for the wii.

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MGRogue20172758d ago

... Business as usual then, It seems.

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