Gran Turismo 5: 10 Best Starter Car List

NowGamer rundown the best cars to choose when beginning Gran Turismo 5.

"Being dropped into a massive selection of cars with 20,000 Credits and no idea what to buy can be quite intimidating. We’ll help you out, then, with a choice selection of some of the better cars to start the career with..."

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ryuzu2701d ago

This is quite an important topic. Personally I went for an MX5 (NA) and had just enough money to upgrade it and win a few races with it.

However, what I missed doing was spending all my cash for the penniless trophy, so a good tip is to do that straight off.


TimmyShire2701d ago

I agree, I got the MX5 first too but never actually raced it due to unlocking the Tommy Kaira car. It made up for itself in later races though.

Good point about the Penniless trophy too, I missed out on that so will have to do it the hard way.

fastrez2701d ago

Good guide. It's tricky to know where to begin with your starting cash.

Hideo_Kojima2701d ago

Now I have to spend 300k hopefully my next car (which am not get for a while as I tuned myself a perfect 519hp Fairlady Z at around level 8 :P) will leave me dry on cash.

vhero2701d ago

I cannot get the B licence Gold car the last race B-10 is just too damn hard you have to be near perfect all the way round 1 minor slip up is the difference between 1st and 4th..

Super-Brad2701d ago

I managed to do it, on like 11-13 tries, as you said, you have to do a perfect lap.

My first car was the Suzuki Swift 07, but now I'm rocking the BMW Concept (Forgot full name, has a black stripe) thats custom tuned.

FunAndGun2701d ago

YES! That test is making me insane. I can get the Silver, but that lead car is too damn fast!!

Super-Brad2701d ago


First car, slipstream and over take on the left, you should then be able to past 2 more cars on the first corner, by keeping as much left as possible.

2nd Corner should see you passing 2-3 cars, and then the straight will allow you to get past a bundle of cars till there is 4 cars left. While doing the straight pass them on the left and move back to the right for the 3rd Corner.

Now Slipstream the gray car to take 4th, and keep tight to the blue stripped line, coming out the 4th corner go far right as possible, to be behind the final 3, while gaining speed, pass on the left, move back over on the final one if needed for more slipstream speed and the gold should be yours. Never overtake on the right.

I did this in manual by the way, hope this helps.

RedDead2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I got the FTO, about 170-180 bhp. I beat the first few races easily. I guess I got lucky with the used cars though.

commander2701d ago

Honda Civic Type R ‘97

I have not lost 1 race with this car. Its cheap and tunes very well.

The '87 Race Car Civic is a beast also. Quick and handles amazingly.

ian722700d ago

The first car I got was the yellow Mazda. It was the best one to start with for me, seemed better than the others.

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andron6662701d ago

I read about the penniless trophy, so I bought a Daihatsu for 15000 cr and a cart for 5000 cr. First trophy I got. Lol.

Unfortunately the Daihatsu car is not really good and you get a kart soon after, so now I have two. So I don't recommend doing what I did...

Orion2701d ago

LOL. yeah, not wise choice... but i don't know why people is obsessed with getting this trophy... it's easy, sooner or later.... even when you have millions of Cr, you will want to buy a supercar.... the most expensive are 20.000.000...

Vlaitor2701d ago

Buy the lowest car.
Do all the B licences to gold.
Get the kart and do the special events.

Buy the 3000GT mitsubishi.

Everything will go smoothly. I spent 15000 on the car and another 23000 on the engine, now I am at 505 bhp.

Good luck !

Unless you are a graphic whore...

Steven212701d ago

Terrible car lol civic is the way to go

Vlaitor2701d ago

For 15000 you got a 286bhp twin turbo that can be uped to almost 800bhp and you say that civic is the way to go ???

Arvis_Jaggamar2701d ago

Alright, my Mitsubishi FTO made the list. :)

However, I'm hoping to get myself a Subaru Impreza WRX and use that for most of the beginning of the game.


Vip3r2701d ago

Try and buy a TVR Griffith in the Used Car section and do it up. It'll beat just about every other car in each race it can enter.

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