Warren Spector Talks Mickey, Wii Development, Ultima Dreams, And Duck Tales

GI: When we launched our magazine redesign last year, we kicked things off in an epic way with a gorgeous wraparound cover featuring Mickey Mouse holding a paintbrush and standing strong in a dark and twisted world. Junction Point's project, Epic Mickey, is just days from launch so if you're looking to get your fix to tide you over to release, check out our interview with Warren Spector. We talk digicomics, third-party Wii development, other cartoon franchises Spector would like to explore, and more.

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Blaster_Master2762d ago

Warren, i appreciate what you do, but I still think your a douche bag for not bringing Epic Mickey to the ps3. Now your game is gonna be a bust cause people like you should just make the games, not have total control of what platforms it should be on. Epic Mickey is gonna be an Epic fail in sales.

Venox20082762d ago

I would love a new duck tales..