Sony: PS Move sales 'legitimately bound by supply'

The PlayStation Move is not being artificially made to be in short supply in order to drum up interest as a must have item this holiday, Sony Computer Entertainment software engineer Anton Mikhailov has told

Speaking about the motion controller's launch, Mikhailov told "I think actually it went really well. We are exceeding our predictions which is always a good thing."

He added: "We're legitimately bound by supply which is great, that's always better than being artificially bound [laughs]."

Mikhailov's comments go against the suggestion of analyst Michael Pachter than Sony has shipped more PS Move units than it has been able to sell.

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vhero2758d ago

"So we always wanted our launch to be pretty much playable with one controller so we don't alienate anyone and we have a low priced entry but we found that a lot of people after playing Sports Champions - that's the US bundle - they went out and got a second controller to play either two-player or two-handed gladiator duel."

I bought 2 lol.

DORMIN2758d ago

I just got one over the weekend, really enjoying it so far! Going to try it with my NBA2K later tonight

Triella2758d ago

It's been two months I ordered a Stick and another Move controler and I still haven't received the Move.

King_of _the_Casuals2758d ago

"When articles are all in defensive forms, then you have already lost the war."

It's sad that the only times you hear about MOVE is when it's compared to Kinect or in articles stating that it's doing better then expected.
Compare that to KINECT which is getting SOOO much publicity on places where you wouldn't even to expect to hear.

Sad to say, but Sony already lost this "Sales" war even before it really began. Tech wise, it's a different story though.

Kurisu2758d ago

I also bought two, and I've yet to buy a Navigation controller. No need for it just yet, for me anyways.

cemelc2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Im just waiting for that magical killzone 3 or infamous 2 move bundle, theyll will have my money then.

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jneul2758d ago

MORE PROOF lol, haters will hate, but it does not change the fact that move is pretty much sold out on stand alone controllers

Grenadan2758d ago

that sony are including both navigational and move controllers as individual sales

Pedobear Rocks2758d ago

For an engineer Anton sure has alot to say lately...dear Anton...leave the antagonism to KB else you might find yourself being labeled as a bit of a douche.


Read his comments and not just post please because nothing he said was an attack he actually just talked about specifics in both articles. Again please read the article first before commenting.

NotSoSilentBob2756d ago

Still waiting for the proof that HHguesser has retraced and apologized for a misleading article/statement.

Mr_Bun2758d ago

None of my local stores have the stand-alone in stock...ordering online seems to be the only option for me at this point

Paradise Lost2758d ago

Yeah same here, it's either the bundle or just the nav controller.

Mr_Bun2758d ago

Forgot about the nav....plenty of those in stock

poopoojames2758d ago

move doing well, good to see

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The story is too old to be commented.