Massive 1080p Lazygamer Gran Turismo 5 Photo Mode Gallery – Damage, Detail And More have posted up a gorgeous and massive gallery of 1080p GT5 photo's taken using Photo Mode.

"Who wants to see a ton of gorgeous 1080p HD photos taken in Gran Turismo 5?

You do? Well it happens to be your lucky day, because we spent more time than we would care to mention snapping up a gallery of nearly 50 photos that include supercars, rally, night racing, day racing, crashes, damage, multiplayer, little details and a whole lot more.

Hit the jump and feast your eyes on this ginormous compilation of eye-candy.

All images have been uploaded in 1920 x 1080, so feel free to click on them to see them nice and large and flip through the slideshow.."

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WobblyOnion2611d ago

Wow! Damn! I though that was real for a moment. Obviously doesn't look like that in game, but still impressive considering it's rendered on a damned home console.

Ognipode2611d ago

Yeah those touring photo mode thingy pics looks amazing. I love the night ones and the ones in the tunnel too.

ryuzu2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

The top photo is from photo travel, but all the in-race ones (those featuring damage for example) are from the game with an extra AA pass applied. So that majority of those pics are largely what you see in race.

@Ognipode - so the in tunnel and night ones are in game photo shots just in case you didn't realise :)


randomwiz2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Yes they are in game photo shots, but they are touched up in photo mode.

My personal favorite:

Looking at this picture just gets me EXTREMELY excited just thinking about what GT6/7 will look like on the ps4.

siyrobbo2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

its kind of a taste of what's to come, i can see next gen looking as good as these pics, its there on the disc, just needs more powerful hardware

roll on gt6 ps4 launch title!

Bluemaster772611d ago

Cmon man more photo mode articles -_-

Ares84PS32611d ago

Photomode is BS.

It makes everything look so much better than it actually is in the game.

That is why people have high hopes and than get dissapointed like myself.

THE BIAS2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Actually theres little difference in car quality in photo mode and racing mode. During a replay, you can pause it and take a picture. And while you're aiming, you can see the amazing detail on the cars (premium) while just walking around aiming the camera. It's exactly the same car model as in the replay and while racing. The Ferarri Italia for instance has a radiator behind the back grill which you can just about see and you can see that while racing, replay, and in a photo. It's the same quality cars. If there's any difference you'd need a microscope to see it.

I actually tested the game to see if photos were the same quality as the gameplay. Because in one pic I took, the trees looked really realistic, which surprised me. So on the Tokyo circuit, I found a really bad looking tree in a replay, then I took a photo of it, expecting it to upscale it and it didnt at all. It looked crap in the photo too. So the pictures are actually the same quality as the gameplay.

I mean you'd know this if you had the game

Ares84PS32611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I have the game.

If you want to check it my PSN is Ares84

Also I too took a picture of a race I did....and when I took the picture it looked a lot better than in the video. I was supprised.

It gave me a trophy too right after I uploaded it.

THE BIAS2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Then try it for yourself ares. In a replay, take a picture of different things like trees or buildings or cars and see if there's a difference in replay quality and photo quality. There's none


You're talking out of your arse then because there isn't a difference

jib2611d ago

i own the game and there is a difference. big difference IMO. it has A LOT less jaggies in photo mode

THE BIAS2610d ago

There's probably anti alias added but there's no difference in car models

randomwiz2610d ago

Yes, the car models are exactly the same, but the added affects in photo mode make real life seem like it needs a new graphics card.

For example, this:

This picture is clearly something you would not see in game. This is simply because the game has less work to do in photo mode. In game, it has to calculate the physics, where the AI goes next, take your user input, create all the dust, smoke, snow, rain in real time, etc. In photo mode, its free of all that, and it can use that extra power for awesome effects.

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Xusuyzus2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Not in GT5 ,.. It is exactly the same model,..
I've just checked,.. There is the same model during replays and actual game,..
and the same model In take the picture in this nice town,.. mode,..(of course reflections look prettier)

and they do an extra pass on shadows,..when taking a pic- model is exactly the same in all modes,..

whoever disagrees with me is a fool,.. and should check it out for him self,..

THE BIAS2611d ago

I think he's thinking it's like forza which totally changes the car model in photo mode to a higher resolution model. GT5 doesnt need to, they look that good anyway

Masterchef20072611d ago

the only game that i know of that has different models for the different modes is forza 3

Masterchef20072611d ago

Well people seem to enjoy the photo mode from Forza 3 a lot. SO why cant they do the same with GT5

Sarcasm2611d ago

Funny how no one was complaining of Forza 3's photomode in which people were really really trying to pass off as gameplay.

Hazmat132611d ago

holy fucking shit! how was this game a flop?

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