Gran Turismo 5: Full Review [Game Generation]

Tired of incomplete Gran Turismo 5 Reviews? Check out this Gran Turismo 5 Review made by the Brazilian website Game Generation. The link is translated to english and there are lots of new informations.

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Death24942701d ago

1st complete review huh? nice

sigfredod2701d ago

the king is back gt5 rocks

RememberThe3572701d ago

The game goes hard. I really think it's too much game for a lot of people.

I would completely ignore the early reviews, there is no way that they could have had enough time to experience all that the game offers in such a short time.

BTW, this is a seriously comprehensive review. Well done actually playing the game.

el zorro2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

The game is great, but why do you have to claim it is the king? Forza 3 has higher scores and many of us think it is a better game, but I don't shout "Forza 3 is the king" in every article. I respect that other people might not agree with my opinion and so I try to avoid making inflammatory comments like that, unless in response to comments like the one you made.

dead_eye2701d ago

no you come in to a GT5 article and bring up forza 3.

Which is worse.... let me think the people praising the game that the article is about or the guy bringing up another game...........oh it's a hard one to decide.

el zorro2701d ago

Because many of us that are interested in GT5 are also fans of Forza 3. Making inflammatory comments that insult the opinions of others is simply not a good way to conduct oneself.

Besides, these fanboys say the same thing in every Forza article, so it's not like they only say it in GT5 articles.

Parapraxis2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I think a lot of Gran Turismo fans are in defensive mode el zorro, and it seems to be with good reason. I see the point you were making with your original comment and I do agree, however I don't think sigfredod was intending to berate other games with his comment.

I'm sure you understand why with the incessant trolling that has been ocurring in many GT5 reviews which were arguably incomplete and full of factual errors that GT fans may be a bit frustrated.

Rule #1 in being better than the console war kids: Don't use the word "fanboy", it doesn't help anybody.

Can't we all just grow up and agree that some people enjoy other games more than others and that's cool?
We as gamers need to stop being like little children fighting over who gets what topping on their sundaes!

^ This comment is for dead_eye as well.

Lets be gamers guys....sheesh.
Aren't we here to discuss games?

Parapraxis2701d ago

Reviews 1 week out from release, good or bad are at least more likely to be more complete.
THOSE would be the ones to read if you are on the fence with GT5.
Though for most people, they could care less about reviews for a game of this calibre.

BeAGamer2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

only noobs would give this game a low score!

edit: & only noobs would disagree!

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The story is too old to be commented.