Gran Turismo 5 tops the charts in the Netherlands

Gran Turismo 5 debuts at number 1 in the weekly ducth games charts.

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Zir02611d ago

Its EU so no surprise, I would say the bigger news is Kinect still in the top 10. Thats quite a feat outside the UK.

ryuzu2611d ago

Hey if it wasn't for Kinect getting a mention in the comments of a GT5 article, it wouldn't get a mention at all :)

GT5 is dominating everything game related right now - it even kicked the biggest FPS off the top spot.


BMS842611d ago

Good news for Sony beating COD: Black Ops!

dredgewalker2611d ago

Lol, N4G is slowly becoming N4GT. I'm not complaining and I'm real happy for PD that they are being rewarded for their efforts. I hope they can put that money and work on other games while people play GT. How about another Omega Boost?

Baka-akaB2611d ago

N4G has been mononews (with 80% not even being news) for a while . Everytime a big game comes out , you get spammed the whole week or month about it .

Before it was Black ops , and before that Reach ... etc etc

ryuzu2611d ago

Is it that surprising? GT5 has been the most anticipated game of this generation and now everyone's got an opinion, even the misinformed, the disinterested and the T10 employees lol.

The problem is AAA is thrown around all that time, but I think GT5 is demonstrating what a AAA game is - and so far it's been the only one this gen.


emil12611d ago

in italy and finland GT5 set a new record for first day sales.
in UK and netherlands number one first week.

BMS842611d ago

GT5 deserved it;), it will sell more PS3's as well

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