Could Call Of Duty go free-to-play?

With DICE and Crytek going free-to-play with Battlefield Play4Free and Warface, Play questions whether the FPS king Call Of Duty might be next to follow.

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mrv3212787d ago

I'd rather it go subscription... no really, hear me out.

We pay $60 for Black Ops, it's mediocore singleplayer is for the most part a waste of time... no instead imagine buying a Call of Duty sub, $5 a month and every year or so, a MASSIVE update comes out with the new weapons, maps, game modes and add-ons. Why is this good? Well it's not costing you the player much more AND it'll force Activision into releasing more patches, even a steamworks style, instant update would be fine.

SixZeroFour2787d ago

lmao...isnt that basically what happens now?

pay $5 a month for a year and that equals $60 (the price of a new game)

every year or so a massive update/patch/expansion with new weapons, maps, game modes and add-ons (release a new game every year)

there you have it, activision made cod go subscription based, well its close enough lmao

Darkfocus2785d ago

you forgot the 15$ map packs :P

badz1492785d ago

knowing Kotick, that will be...NEVER EVER!

NecrumSlavery2785d ago

COD free? Can we start a Hahahhaahahaahaahaaa Thread?

I can't seeing that happen until the devil kotick is removed from his throne.

Ducky2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Why would kotick have to be removed? O.o

EDIT: You need a reason to do something.
Removing kotick is an action, so it requires a reason behind it.

I don't see why kotick will have to be removed to have a Free-to-play CoD game.
F2P games aren't exactly a charity. =x

NecrumSlavery2785d ago

Bobby supports selling ingame cutscenes as expensive DVDs therefore rove his ass

jwk942785d ago

Isn't COD already free??

pwneddemocrat2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

activision wont allow it

Charmers2785d ago

It could go "pay me to play it" and I still wouldn't play it. But there is no way they will make COD F2P. Whilst theoretically they could make more money in the long term it doesn't change the fact in the short term COD is a blockbuster and most publishers like Activision can't see futher ahead than next month in terms of revenue these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.