Meristation | Gran Turismo 5 Review

Meristation writes: "We reached the goal. Gran Turismo 5 has been studied, spin. Asked and answered in all its facets. The driving game that marks a new threshold for all other gigantic legend. Our verdict, before you ..."

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sku7790tz2606d ago

here's a tip before reviewers review a ps3 game:

1. remove the hate in your mind.
2. don't look at the cheque signed by microsoft.
3. immersed and review the ps3 exclusive.

Convas2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

LOL @ Number Two. You mean to tell me that MS sent a check to them so they could take points off of the review?

Oi. I'm not sure it gets anymore ridiculous than this.

Game-ur2606d ago

MS was buying the media LOOOOONG before the original Xbox, you will understand more of the world as you grow up.

Shaman2606d ago

Yea Im sure they do,same like they did with AW :S

You guys are paranoid fanboys,thats new sort...

GrandTheftZamboni2606d ago

It's no secret MS had $500 million for Kinect marketing alone. If you want a piece of that you better be in their good book. No?

DigitalAnalog2606d ago

And takes in to details extra features and most of all.


-End of Line

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2606d ago

So the majority of the reviews that have been coming out lately are scoring GT5 at 9 or above. So the only question I have, is where are all the haters now? lol

Acquiescence2606d ago

will be delighted to see this review.

2606d ago
BabyTownFrolics2606d ago

the only racing game I really got into before GT5 was Burnout:Paradise. GT5 feels like such a complete package, it looks beautiful, and the gameplay is so addictive, I love the license tests. So if anyone is on the fence about GT5, I say jump the fuck off of the fence and get the game.

I do want to comment on the conspiracy theories surrounding the reviews, take off the in foil hats. No one likes it when folks play the victim, not everyone is going to love this game, and if you have any proof of some MS conspiracy provide the evidence and start a lawsuit.

ThisPlaceSucksBye2606d ago

It's not a 10!
They must have been bought by MS!