Resolution: Dance Central review

Resolution's Marco Fiori writes: Dance Central comes courtesy of Harmonix, the developer powerhouse behind the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. With such a pedigree in rhythm based games, it’s only natural that they’ve gotten behind Kinect. Kinect offers huge potential, especially for such a visual activity as dancing. In the past (bar Let’s Dance on the Wii), we’ve been limited to dance mats where you match the corresponding foot to the arrow shown on screen. This approach as an actual recreation of dancing proves limited because of a lack of upper body movement (in fact, if we’re being obtuse, when considering the ‘man shuffle’ – move side to side in a stiff manner attempting to look blasé about dancing – it could actually be true).

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tudors2703d ago

Might have to pick this up at some point.

dkgshiz2703d ago

Why would you not just go dancing at a club? Instead of staying at home alone dancing with your toy...

tudors2702d ago

Or how about drive a real car instead of a racing game? it's a game, that's the whole point.

dkgshiz2702d ago

Racing games allow you to do things you normally cant. Like drive a Bugatti Veyron going 200+ MPH. Dancing is something I could do right now. I dont understand why people need a video game just to dance.