GT5: how much is enough?

Play-mag: "Gran Turismo 5 has people questioning (myself included) how much a reviewer needs to play it before they can, should or could have any kind of final opinion. I’ve played it for 42 hours now. Is this enough?"

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Grenadan2737d ago

anyone expecting reviewer to spend all their time with the one game is down right ignorant

ryuzu2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Well firstly, in most games reviewers get cheats so they can see the whole game without playing it through.

Clearly that hasn't happened with GT5 so it's down to the reviewer's skill with the game what they get to see - not much it turns out since most of them seem utterly unable to complete even the most basic races.

However, it's also clear that most reviewers started the game, went into Arcade, chose a car and track, started races, drove car into wall, went into photo mode, couldn't find damage and had their score in mind at that point.

That is clearly not reviewing - it's just initial impressions with a score. As I said last week before launch, there would be no credible reviews of GT5 before this week because the game is simply too big to be reviewed in a day.

The depth and content is great for fans of GT and car enthusiasts everywhere. The reviews are great for trolls. I'll take it that way round anyday over games which are light on content but review well.


Game-ur2737d ago

"However, it's also clear that most reviewers started the game, went into Arcade, chose a car and track, started races, drove car into wall, went into photo mode, couldn't find damage and had their score in mind at that point"

That’s the truth right there

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DORMIN2737d ago

Don't care how long the game is...professional reviewers should be finishing a game before posting a review BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO.

This is the equivalent of a movie reviewer watching only the first half of an epic movie and assuming they are giving a fair review.

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MariaHelFutura2737d ago

They get PAID to review games. Movie reviewers watch the entire film, I don`t see why gaming should be any different.

NecrumSlavery2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I don't get why in this day and age, one person reviews an entire game. It should be multiple people, to come together and make a decision without bias. Kind of like the supreme court.


your right. more sites should do this. instead of giving it to one person.

AssassinHD2737d ago

That is how Famitsu reviews games. They have 4 reviewers who each use a 10 scale, and the final score is X/40.

thor2737d ago

Because some games (GT5 included) would take hundreds of hours to 100% complete. Some games are too hard for the average reviewer to 100% complete. But after even 10% they know whether or not they're having a good time. Most gamers who buy the game will not complete it, so why should we hold reviewers to the same standard when the people reading the review won't get to the parts they're reading about?

Imalwaysright2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Reviewers job is to play any game and describe it too us, tell us its pros and cons so that we can make educated purchases. How can reviewers accurately describe us any game if they dont finish it? Its their job for fucks sake!!

Anarki2737d ago

It's their job, you moron. Not to mention; GT5 is probably one of the biggest games to release over the past couple of years. They should be aware that the game is more than just 1-2hours long(which judging by most reviews is about how long they played on average.

If they're going to "REVIEW" then they should do it properly/thorough and not do a botched job.

KimoNoir2737d ago

dam u just got dissed by 20 disagrees and i dont even own a Ps3 lmao

Redempteur2736d ago

I expect a reviewer to know the game he is reviewing .if it's an action game i want the main adventure complete , same if it's an adventure game cannot taalk about a game if you don't know the end .

Same with RPGs ..finish them ..i'm not asking EVERY quest or mission but at least the main story .

As it was obvious that GT5 had levels , it should had been obvious to not spur reviews if you have not reach a relative point.

I think i'm not asking for the impossible.

iPad2736d ago

LMFAO @ the edit

"pebble has too many pixels!"

LOLOL! I need this game!

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Raendom2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

42 hours is reasonable. In a game with an ending, a true ending... you need to see it. GT5 HAS AN ENDING. I.e. an ending title sequence. So if the reviewer hasn't reached that, they haven't completed A-Spec mode, therefore they can't have a valid opinion of the game.

Not to mention, with a game like Black Ops the reviewers will spend at least 10-20hours with the online component. IGN spent ... 1 MINUTE with GT5's.

dale12737d ago

i bought it as i know the quality of work from pd,but there is lessons to learn from reveiwers here at the likes of ign.these are big sites giving out what amounts to wrong information,why not just asked pd for a cheat or two to see what the leveling system does with out spending hours and hours on the game.i mean these are suppose to know whats going on behind the scenes,they have a contact number for sony at least don,t they?

ZombieAssassin2737d ago

I always thought a reviewer was suppose to play a game from start to finish, not necessarily getting a 100% complete in it but at least finishing the story/campaign and if it has multiplayer at least try it out for a bit.

I mean is a review really complete if they only played 40% of a game? I guess even people getting paid to play games half ass their jobs too.

Thecraft19892737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

I really do think if ign want to keep any of the little amount of credibility and respect they used to have they will republish there review and publish an apology as looking very unlikely they will ever get an exclusive announcement every again.

I can also confirm after speaking to some people that all reviewers received there copies 1.5weeks-2weeks before the game came out so they really had no reason to only play a little amount of hours of the game.

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