Marvel Vs. Capcom on XBLA? Marvel hopes so

Speaking to Gamasutra, Marvel vice president of interactive media Justin Lambros intimated that he would like to see classic Marvel fighting games hit game download services like Xbox Live Arcade. Producing games like X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Superheroes and massive fighting mashups like X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom, fighting fans have fond memories of the collaboration between Capcom and Marvel. When asked about the possibility of such games hitting a service like XBLA, Lambros said, "Yeah, those are among my all time favorites. I'm a huge 2D fighting fan... the Marvel Vs. Capcom stuff has a definite close place in my heart, so we definitely wanna see that stuff live on." It seems that there aren't any firm plans to bring back any specific titles, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

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kewlkat0074121d ago

Bring it...please

Of course I would need that frag thingy to connect my dual-shock because 360 controller stinks for fighters of this type, well its really the D-Pad.

I'm also suppose to be building a MAME arcade machine( I got my Roms)..this game is dope.

Bloodmask4120d ago

I have a Mame arcade cabinet. It has all of the add on controllers on the interface too. Track-ball, SNK twist top joystick for games like Ikari Warrriors and Victory road.

It is really cool. Nice thing is you can open up the cabinet and udate mame with your laptop or even LAN it to you PC. So you can have a constant update with all the new games.

Good luck with your project. I only hope that one day they add online play to Mame32......That would make it pefect.

kewlkat0074120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Imagine online play, just sick I tell ya. Hey, do you have pics of your cabinet?

I'm not sure, if I should buy and old one and gut it, or should I build it? I was so into this, like 2 years a go but never had the space to do it. I know, I want a 27inch arcade monitor, instead of a PC with S-video connection, to the graphics card. A Wells Gardner Monitor is expensive tho.

Really, When I get my own house, I would like to have a 4-player one, for games like, Simpsons, Gauntlet, Spiderman, and Xmen and such. Over 2,000+ roms is crazy. It's heaven, for a gamer.

To the guy below me, it's not that I suck but the Xbox d-Pad is horrible for games that require "half circle Motion moves and such". That old Street Fighter(on xbla) game is mad slow, they brought out the wrong one, I was hoping for Alpha 3.

I had that thing, that connects a dual-shock to the xbox, and I know they have it for the 360. PS controller, is great for fighters, well just a more responsive D-Pad really. nutin beat the old SEGA controler that had 6-buttons for fighters of the SF type, like this. The PS It sucks for FPS's tho.(IMO) It's the Analog locations.

Yes this brings back Dreamcast Memories, I wonder if they will also bring outCapcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000, so I can unleash some God Rugal and Shin Akuma on this Mofo.

WafflesID4120d ago

anyone actually try that madcatz arcade joystick with fighters?

BloodySinner4121d ago

Capcom, PLEASE bring this to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade!!! And I totally I agree with you, kewlkat007. The controller's d-pad for the 360 is garbage.

donscrillinger4121d ago

1st off kew your very wrong the d-pad on the 360 is nice i can use it very well in street fighter .just cuz u suck doesn't mean that the d-pad sucks its you son .but anyway plz CAPCOM bring marvel vs capcom 2 to xbox live .it just became bc for the 360 but the game is not the easy to find and its 69.99 more than an 360 game so this would be fresh handle your biz CAPCOM with MS and get it done

GnaM4120d ago

Modern console D-pads are universally considered the be insufficient among hardcore fighting fans, whether its PS2, Xbox, PS3, or 360. The Saturn was really the last system with a D-pad respected by competitive players, which is why nearly everyone serious buys/builds a HAPPS or HORI arcade stick of some sort.

So don't be so quick to flame people, you crybaby fanboy... and for god sakes, stop typing like a n00b and learn how to freaking punctuate.

WafflesID4120d ago

you ARE kidding right?

It's universally accepted EVEN AMONGST the most hardcore 360 fanboys that the D-Pad on the xbox controllers is the worst in the industry.

There is just no arguing this one.

Darkiewonder4120d ago

Bring it on over. Then I'll go buy an MS Point Card just for it.

Bloodmask4120d ago

SF2turbo being my favorite. This game would really be awesome online. But for some reason every Capcom 2D fighter I have played online has given me horrible lag problems.

This goes all the way back to the original XBOX. If the online is good I hope they also port over SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos. That was also an awesome game and I prefer SNK's art style over Capcoms for 2D.

kewlkat0074120d ago

You beat me to it...#1.2

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