Gran Turismo 5 Is 6th Largest PS3 Launch

With Black Ops being the fantastic, dominating force that it is, it was going to take something big to shift it from the top of the charts. This week saw just such a title race into first spot. Gran Turismo 5 has finally arrived on shelves worldwide and is already in the hands of millions, yes millions, of fans.

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Zir02606d ago

Im sure there was a retailer stating GT5 would be the biggest ever PS3 launch. Although to be fair there wasn't much advertising for it.

vsr2606d ago

No surprise. This is GT.

This is not forza or any other racer.

psman0122606d ago

Doesn't surprise me one bit. I cant wait to get it!

TheOldOne2606d ago

So then what is the biggest PS3 launch then?

NecrumSlavery2606d ago

probably COD, like on every other system.

stevenhiggster2605d ago

I was wondering that myself, what were the other 5?
I'm gonna take a guess at GTA4, MW2 and Blops, the other 2, who knows maybe a FIFA or something.

NecrumSlavery2605d ago

Yeah I mean it sad, but it's the game that sells the most. Hell MW2 and BLOPS are what 7-9 million with in the first few days. It's huge on PS3 and 360.

I think the Biggest PS3 Exclusive launch was MGS4, but don't qiote me on that.

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pr0digyZA2606d ago

Thats great news especially after some of the negative press that was around after launch. One things for sure you can't stop fans from loving their games. That goes for Cod,Halo and GT, the fans will love these games regardless.

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The story is too old to be commented.