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"A question that’s often on my mind is, “if piracy is so prevalent, what games are the most pirated? And if they’re so freely available what games do people usually swing towards?” I dug a little deeper to find that strangely, they’re not really affected by the sales charts.

We checked out the most popular Torrent site,, according to eBiz MBA, to see what are the most popular torrented games have been over the past 6 months. It’s impossible to get the most accurate results, but these should give us a pretty accurate idea of what the most popular pirated games are. And there are some surprising entries." - GameState

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The_Gamer2641d ago

Pirates are the scum of the earth!

BradyRuiters2641d ago

I agree dude. Ninja are so much cooler :3

Christopher2640d ago

Wonder if this is Europe only? Or, does this mean Europeans pirate more than Americans?

BradyRuiters2641d ago

Wow! So many games. Kinda had a feeling they would pirate Black Ops though. And I believe Sims 3 was the most pirated game of 2009 if I remember correctly.

granthinds2641d ago

Remember, it's the most torrented/pirated games in the last 6months. That's why Starcraft 2 is not prominent. And also, it's localized to the biggest torrent site online, so it's only a good indication, not the most accurate list. Very interesting though.

BradyRuiters2641d ago

Interesting indeed dude. I had no idea that this much piracy was going on. I knew it was big but this big? Never would have guessed. And my Sims 3 comment wasn't a counter argument, just a random fact :)

WobblyOnion2641d ago

Pirates deserve kicks in the nads. I think the thing that annoys me most about em is the way they try justify their actions. "oh, making a copy isn't stealing" ..or "I wouldn't have bought it anyway."

Well you know what? It is stealing, and you shouldn't be fucking playing it. Cocks

granthinds2641d ago

It really does affect the industry. But it does go 2 ways: Shareholders of big publishers can demand unreasonable returns which then impact what we are charge and what we are charged FOR. In Bobby Koticks' case, this is a prime example where he could potentially charge for cinematics and map packs which force the hand of the community to buy them if they wanna play online. Sort of like consumer bullying and can be seen as a form of stealing from the individual.

vickers5002640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I don't think piracy could really be considered "stealing". Stealing means something was taken, as in that certain something is gone, and obviously pirates haven't "taken" anything, they've just copied it. I guess whether or not you consider piracy stealing depends on your definition of "taken" (I consider something to be taken when that something is actually gone, but I'm sure others have different views).

Besides, if you've ever watched a movie at a friends house or snuck into a theatre, then you really have no moral high ground to stand on and are no different from the pirates. You watch a movie at a friends house and you didn't pay for it, then by your logic, you're stealing. I'm not trying to defend piracy as a morally right thing here, but if you have ever seen a movie without paying for it then you cannot honestly look yourself in the mirror and say you're any different from those pirates you hate. That would be hypocritical. And don't give me that bs about "it's different because it's legal", because legality does not define what is moral and what is not not.

I guarantee you almost everybody has done something morally or legally objectionable and has attempted to justify it in one way or another, including yourself, and if you say you haven't, you're either a saint among men (which is unlikely considering your profane and violent comment) or you're just lying (to yourself and/or others).

Some people evade their taxes and justify it as the government being crooks, some people will keep that 20 dollar bill they find on the floor and justify to themselves that it's theirs because THEY found it, some people wont notify the person at the cash register that they received more money than they should have gotten back, and will just keep it justifying it as the cashiers mistake and it wasn't their (the customers) fault, some people will knock a vending machine for that free loose soda, etc., it can go on and on about what people think is okay and what isn't. Some people play games or watch movies for free, and all those actions I mentioned are no better than downloading a movie or game for free.

Again, I'm not saying it's okay, but if you've done any of the things I mentioned (or some things I didn't that I can't think of at the moment), then you have absolutely no place judging people.

vrylstminute2640d ago

What is gone are the royalties/profit the game publishers would have made had you spend the cash on their game instead of the bandwidth used to torrent it.

Let's watch that again in slow-mo:

They would have had cash for their efforts in producing the game if you bought it legally.
They no longer have that cash because you didn't buy it legally.

There you have it folks. Phenomenal play by the pirates.

vickers5002639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Well the royalties/profit from the game weren't there in the first place, so still, nothing has been taken.

Piracy may be wrong (in most cases), but it's not stealing.

And like said before, everybody is guilty of morally wrong acts. I don't go around telling people who watch movies at their friends house without paying royalties to the publishers that they are scum, so I don't think people that do that kind of thing (or have ever done that) should be judging pirates, as it's exactly the same as pirating.

You go to a friends house and watch a movie, you are getting that movie for free and absolutely no profit is being given to the publishers by you, so by your same logic, you are stealing, so again, if you've ever done that(or any of the previous things I've mentioned), enough with the judgment, because it's just hypocritical.

BradyRuiters2640d ago

They'll get their just desserts someday. Just watch

granthinds2640d ago

I dunno, I think gaming's working towards full purchases becoming necessary. Look at how smartly Blizzard have made SC2. That's a prime example of why people would actually purchase a game where they previously wouldn't. A ranking system, a strong social network are all worth the cash.

vhero2640d ago

I think piracy is bad nobody can deny but if it wasn't for piracy I wouldn't have bought so many games in the past. My rule is if I really like the game I will buy it. I always have and always will. I think demos are never a true representation of a game (after buying games based on demos I have been massively disappointed in the past).

Developers should do more timed full games through STEAM or your console to get a real feel for games I feel this would cut down piracy but of course it would mean massive downloads for a demo.

vrylstminute2640d ago

The motivation for this should be sales, not anti-piracy. Those things are making games strong these days, but should not be the motivating factor. Game makers should be doing this stuff to sell more copies and not to make people stop stealing. True story.

BYE2640d ago

EA, Activision topping the list. Can't say I feel sorry for these companies...

granthinds2640d ago

Good observation. Activision sort of deserve it, if anyone.

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