Gran Turismo 5 tops UK Charts

M2G Writes:

Move over Call of Duty: Black Ops because Gran Turismo 5 is taking over the UK Charts week.


Story updated.

Gran Turismo is the PS3's sixth biggest launch, and is up 6% on Gran Turismo 4 launch week sales.

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wotta2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Perhaps no surprise, awesome all the same though.

We will update the story with sales etc as soon as we have them.

nix2734d ago

...and so it begins.

Acquiescence2734d ago

The sweetest part is that it knocked Activision's generic annual rehash off the top spot. Good for you Sony.

vsr2734d ago

This is GT.

This is not any other poor quality racer.

What is the definitive racer?

rroded2734d ago

see all the hate and bs in the world wont stop it. the only real definitive racer on the only definitive system.

DigitalAnalog2734d ago

Real GT fans would instantly know the quality and commitment PD has put through this game. RALLY, NASCAR, Karting, authentic real-world tracks and 200+ premium cars.

The game delivers, face it. No half-assed reviews are going to stop it.

-End of Line

Bhai2734d ago

Yeah and that's not all fans... it includes everyone even the haters who even can't wait to check out the definitive racing sim of the decade.

emil12734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

good, good.

Karum2734d ago

No surprises here.

GT5 is great btw, loving much replay value if you want to do everything in the game.

snaz272734d ago

It pains me to say this, but i've spent the past 4 days with gt5 and well it's pretty much garbage... The good things are graphics obviously, the physics, hmmmm well that's pretty much it... Ign were right, its a 10/10 sim but a 5/10 game, in my opinion thats generous! I mean its just rediculous! Far far too easy! The game has no balance whatsoever, its been thrown together in 5 minutes... Half the time im just buzzin round the track with no challenge! Just kinda going through the motions... Why didn't they restrict the cars better so there is a challenge? Even prolouge did this better!... The driving itself is awesome, the graphics awesome... But zero challenge is zero game... Why bother putting the other cars on the track if your allowed to have a superpowered car in pretty much any race... And no retry button? Eh? Have to exit then reload! Wtf is that?... It's just one big clusterfuck! I mean i was given the credits and like a quarter way through the game! Eh? I'm just bored of driving round and round on my own... I dont have online at the minute... So i'm talking souly about the single player... Its just a joke really if you ask me... I know my opinion doesn't mean much, but if you're looking for a challenge, avoid gt5!

jjmustoe2734d ago

if you're looking for a Hardcore gaming console avoid the xbox 360

2734d ago
Snakefist302734d ago

LOL @ the butthurt 360 fanboys.

jjmustoe2734d ago

lol xbox 360 has a sh***t lineup for 2011

PirateThom2734d ago

Virtua Fighter 5?! Ahahahaha!

fishd2734d ago

Holy sh1t man I can't stop laughing,my side hurts

NecrumSlavery2734d ago

Virtua Fighter 5? Are friggin kidding me? Let us all rush out buy 360s, buy $60 annual fees and then look behind Dora the Explorer's Adventures in the bottom of a dirty box to find an old used copy of VF5 covered in crud, then buy it for $3. So we can all go home and get online and say "Wow, where the hell is this hardcore Viruta Fighter 5 community to play online?" Oh they are playing Halo and COD usual.

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GTmonster2734d ago


try to get gold in all the licenses + special events no challenge my ass

and gtfo go play ur rewind sim

snaz272734d ago

Please by all means disagree, but i would really appreciate some feedback too... So you guys are finding it tough? You're not burning round the track in overpowered cars vs puny cars? You can retry a race without exiting first? Really?

PirateThom2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

"And no retry button?"

This is where your whole paragraph falls down as there is a retry option.

Have you actually played it at all even? Have you actually tried any events past the amature series?

nix2734d ago

sounded pretty 'souly' there. q:

Karum2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

"Why bother putting the other cars on the track if your allowed to have a superpowered car in pretty much any race"

Does that mean you're picking supercars in a race against lesser cars? You could always just drive a similar car to the one in the race by pressing the option that gives you a list of typical opponents. I've been doing that just to level up a bit quicker tbh and it is no challenge, but I know that it's because of me.

I've not levelled up that much yet myself, think I'm at 7 but I'm told the AI improves as you level up, and the first 2 series' are the Beginner and Amateur, have you progressed past these? If you haven't and expect a challenge from beginner or amateur mode then you're a fussy guy and expect a bit too much.

As for challenge, someone else said this but try getting gold in the licence challenges...that alone will keep you busy for a while.

snaz272734d ago

Check my comment history... I'm a ps3 fan... Yes the licences are tough, but what about the actual racing? Im on expert and its so easy, you can have overpowered cars against weaker cars... Yes if you pause you can retry... But how about if you complete a race and come second, can you retry then? Have you played the game? Lol... And ok yeah attack my spelling... I'm so hurt... Look guys i'm just being honest about my gt5 experience. Sorry but it's the truth.

Game-ur2734d ago

Pause just before finishing if you're not satisfied with the result, it's what I do.

The reason for the low challenge must be the over-powered cars you use, changing cars is another way of changing difficulty. I play vs faster cars to improve my cornering.

Anyway, for me single player in competitive games is only practice, but that is just me.

Vesemir2734d ago

Can you rewind your race in real life ???? .............................. ................

Rewind... Just for newbies.

snaz272734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Karum thanks you for the only decent reply... Yes i've got to expert mate, im at level 18 still no challenge bud, trust me... Yes i could opt to pick equal cars but say its a japan challenge... It just states the car has to be from japan, that's it... So how would i know which car to pick that's of equal power... Prologue did it, they limited the power on the event, it worked well... It's just a lot of messing around... I would have to start a race, see how good the other cars are then mess about till i found one of equal power... It would take ages! And to be honest not my job surely?.... Edit... Like i've said the licences are a challenge, but the main part of the game is not... I want to have a nice steady progression of difficulty throughout the game, but there is not... I'm sorry to upset people, and i mean everything i say genuinely... The game is a mess and totally not thought out right... I was given a veyron for completing the game, even though i hadn't! I was like halfway through! I was given the ending credits and everything... What's that all about? It's crazy!

MAJ0R2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I'm guessing ur another person who has a joke opinion on the game and hasn't passed level 10 yet

snaz272734d ago

Read all my comments... I'm at level 18, i've been playing this morning but actually turned it off half way through the japan championship on expert, i stopped playing cos it was too easy and i was bored... I've really really bigged this game up before it came out, ive wanted to love it!... But the balance is non existant!... I've wanted to get to level 20 to see the damage but i'm bored already... Just going round and round with little to no challenge is not fun for me... I've even completed the go karting, yeah it was fun while it lasted but i have gold on every event now, and there was only like 6... Karting is now finished... Sorry but they got this game all wrong! It's just not that fun.

amiga-man2734d ago

Im not a big racing fan,but thought i would give gran turismo a try ( my mate loves race games) for me its been fun and im slowly getting to level 20, im not sure why snaz27 is getting grief for stating his opinions on the game,even i am finding the challenge in single player not too difficult, and as i said earlier im not a racer, if snaz is a racing fan i can see why he might find the challenge too easy, having said that, there is a lot in this game to enjoy and as a race sim it delivers, i think snaz your challenge might lie in the online portion of the game.

Moentjers2734d ago

I'm already having fun in a 'Yaris-only' event, all almost the same cars and never be able to loose focus (the sight, not te car :-)

redsquad2734d ago

If you're driving superpowered cars on 'easy' events then it's your fault. Pick a similarly powered car (one the AI is using) and then see how well you manage, even on AMATEUR events.
Also, try for gold on the licenses and then report back to tell me how 'easy' things are.

Denethor_II2734d ago

" I know my opinion doesn't mean much, but if you're looking for a challenge, avoid gt5!"
I'd go as far to say, it means nothing.

DigitalAnalog2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Don't be a tool and give us your input when your reach lvl's 20 - 40's with all assists off.

-End of Line

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thatboytim2734d ago

yup - No surprises.

I was surprised how much this game drew me in over the weekend. I am more of a shooter fan and driving has been purely arcade and fun style for me...

GT5 is superbly presented and very very good.

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