Amazon Cyber Monday Deals are Live (Monday Update)

"Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals have kicked off! All day lightning deals and cheap prices on electronics, video games, movies and tv, plus more are still available!

Here are the current highlights for Cyber Monday, November 29, 2010..."

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thereapersson2516d ago

SOOO many good deals. I just snagged Splatterhouse on PS3 for 34.99!

Bolts2516d ago

Dragon Age Ultimate for the PS3 for $34.99 is a damn good deal. Thats Dragon Age with all the expansions and DLCs on disk. A great deal.

cb4g2516d ago

...these deals are making me poor!

2516d ago
newhumanbreed2516d ago

I see the same deals they had all week for Black Friday..