At long last, a UMDless PSP

It's something that gamers have been shouting out for ever since the PSP redesign rumour first shuffled into view. Now that it is known for certain that the PSP slim and lite will retain the UMD drive (and let's face it, it was always going to) Pocket Gamer were somewhat baffled and a little amused by finding a collection of PSP's in Sony's Heavenly Sword booth at the Leipzig GC that were UMDless.

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Priince-KhaliiF4121d ago

YOu mean no more UMD Disc??

LeShin4121d ago

lol nope, read that response that someone posted on that site. This title is VERY misleading...

emaddox844121d ago

I dunno why people dislike the UMD so much. For a hand held it's perfect. They're about as durable as a cartridges due to the casing, have more memory, and are cheaper to make. I admit, for other purposes (like movies), I don't see much use for a UMD. But for games it's perfect. Grand Theft Auto on a hand held anyone?

monkey6024121d ago

"dont go getting excited" I'm not I'd be more worried than anything, To think my UMD would be obsolete. I like UMD. But What would replace it? All the ideas I have sound like a lot of hassle to play a game

SageFrancis4120d ago

The PSP's at the GC were Test ones and were only for running one game, I noticed this and asked one of the staff members in the booth why they didnt have a UMD thingy.

RussDeBuss4120d ago

can you not see that cable out of the back of the PSP, like the 1st post in the article, its peobably a devkit or something.
why would they make yet another psp without umd, when the slim is just about to release..
Sony already said they wont make major changes as PSP is still quite young and they don't want to p*ss of original PSP owners by changing game funtionality, ie getting rid of umd, adding second analogue.

you'll have to wait for PSP2 for these features

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