Gran Turismo 5: Most amazing BackFlip video ever

PSB: Have you ever seen a Ford do a Backflip after going around 60 ft into the skies and covering some 100 metres of distance? No. Well that changes today as we bring you this remarkable Gran Turismo 5 Blackflip video.

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nix2517d ago

wow... car actually used the other car's bonnet as a plank.

Red_Orange_Juice2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

freaking A!

rjdofu2517d ago

So much epicness here hahaha...

Spenok2516d ago

I just wanted to point out that the physics in This Video are TERRIBlE ><

El_Colombiano2514d ago

Spenok, what are you talking about? Those are the best arcade physics I have seen in a LONG while.

RememberThe3572517d ago

Holy shit, that was awesome!

Derekvinyard132517d ago

OH come on! no damage for real? the car slid, if that really happend the front bumber would be smashed into the ground instantly smashing the engine

rdgneoz32517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

And you know for sure that the guy leveled up high enough to have damage enabled?

On topic: Nice backflip, I'll have to try it out later.

dontbhatin2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

edit: removed

sku7790tz2517d ago

don't try it in real life.

NecrumSlavery2517d ago

I can't wait until they patch open damage into Arcade Mode so people who think Split/Second is definitive simulation can quick crying.

dontbhatin2517d ago

@ Derek

your bash towards the damage modeling in this game is a fail.

hit at least level 20 on the game, and try to come back to say the same thing.

oh wait you prolly dont even have the game. if even a ps3.

kasasensei2517d ago

level 20

dontbhatin2517d ago

you obviously dont know how different the damage modeling changes once you hit level 20 and 40.

yes there is cosmetic damage already, but it improves as you level up.

please try and correct me when i am incorrect, ok? thanks bye!

karl2517d ago

OMG.... dude

u talk as if TOTALLY REALISTIC DAMAGE was a standard feature on every racing game this days

and gt5 didnt have it =S

u trolls can be so unfair with this game...

Newtype2517d ago

Looks like he equipped his car with carbon fiber to fly up that easily.

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The story is too old to be commented.