Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Takes a Victory Lap, Humbly, With Level Up

As the Wii continues its seemingly unstoppable march towards market dominance, and with the Tokyo Game Show just a few weeks away, thought it appropriate to reach into their warehouse of as-yet-unpublished interviews for this conversation they had with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during the July E3 Media and Business Summit in Los Angeles.

During the interview, Iwata's slightly eager, schoolboyish persona was replaced by a more casually confident mien, displaying the quiet self-assurance of a man sitting on top of the world. They discussed the company's decision to focus on casual audiences with its press conference; why the Wii version of Zelda was a relative flop in his native Japan; and what it feels like to have the game industry now assume that Nintendo's initiatives will succeed rather than fail.

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scarlett_rg4118d ago

Great, interesting (although long) read!

Iwata is a very intelligent man, and with him at the helm it's no wonder Nintendo is doing so well.

Good stuff!