Star Ocean 4 to Be A Single Console Exclusive Title

The new Star Ocean game has been confirmed to be in development and new scans have been revealed as well. It has also been confirmed in the scans that, the game will exclusive to one console but not a multiplatform title.

New Details include:
• The man and woman in the screenshot are the hero and heroine of the game. As a teaser they placed figures of them in the display at the SE party and he was disappointed that almost no one noticed.
• There aren't just two or three planets in the galaxy this time. There are more. Sounds like a lot more.
• You can have four companions with you in battle this time. There are a lot of new elements and it doesn't really feel like the battle system of SO3.
• Private Actions will, of course, return.

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TriggerHappy4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

The previous Start Ocean ocean games have been very popular on Nintendo and Sony Consoles. This will most probably be on either console seeing as how 360 isn't doing very well in Japan.

If Microsoft however, manages to take this in as an exclusive, this will most definitely improve sales of 360 in Japan.

EDIT: Looking at the graphics, I know is not the Wii so is either PS3 or 360.

EDIT2: More information at TGS they say.

Mu5afir4093d ago

From the scans I can't tell what platform it's on. But it's most likely the Ps3, seeing that the previous game was on the Ps2. Hopefully we can get more information on this game during TGS.

Ggame4093d ago

It's only possible on PS3.

InMyOpinion4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Why is'nt it possible on the Wii? Oh, I see it in the article now. Definately a PS3 title then.

riksweeney4093d ago

I doubt they'd make it exclusive on the 360 just to try and boost sales in Japan.

Then again, Microsoft would likely just give them the money they would have made by making it exclusive on the PS3/Wii in return for making it an exclusive on the 360 in an attempt to sell more machines in Japan...

kewlkat0074093d ago

since it has been on the PS.

It will probably be on the PS3, unless something is announced at TGS or something. MS has been keeping a tight wrap on the future.

Yeah 360 will take whatever it can to help more gamers buy the console in japan.

crck4093d ago

Which is cool since I really like the series. Actually any system but the Wii is fine. Since I dont plan to get one of those.

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The story is too old to be commented.