Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the game that saved NFS [Motorthusiast Review]

Motorthusiast writes: "Electronic Arts in collaboration with Criterion Games recently released another installment to the NFS series titled Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. From the start, many were excited about the game since Criterion were the devs, and not by Black Box. Also, with the fantastic array of images and video previews, it was something to actually look forward to."

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RonyDean2758d ago

Very good review! Makes me want to go out and buy it!

captain-obvious2757d ago

i think (so far) that NFS most wanted was the last good NFS

if this game is anywhere near that then yes

r1sh122757d ago

most wanted was not the best (IMO).
NFS 2 Special edition (loved that as a kid)
The original hot pursuit's were good.
Underground 1 n 2 were good.

This new one is very fun, I really like it.
The crash outs are all the same, once youve seen them once they dont change. Its just a barrel role, but all in all I do like it from what I have played so far.

PS3Freak2757d ago

He said it was the last good NFS not the best, and I agree with him. NFS was always awesome all the way up until Most wanted, after that the games were crap.

Carbon was basically underground 2 but worse.
Prostreet was the most boring racing game I had ever played.
I never played Undercover but it got horrible reviews.

Shift was actually a really good game, it's too bad that the stupid bouncing cars glitched crippled the game to the point of trade in for me. I dunno if they ever patched it, but it was too late.

Now it looks like NFS is back, which makes sense, it is Criterion after all.

SIX2757d ago

I wish this didn't come out the same time as GT5. I'll get it eventually, but not any time soon. I love Criterion. These guys know how to make a good racing game.

Arup022758d ago

I had the most intense chase in this game a while ago. 3police cars x 3 racers. and the police called an helicopter. and the helicopter dropped an spike trip. and a racer crashed into the spike trip that crashed into a police car. AWESOME

Speed-Racer2758d ago

Indeed a good game, definitely worth the money. I saw on Amazon they dropped the price significantly, so get there now.

lefty burns2757d ago

thanks for the heads up on the Amazon price drop- just ordered the game

Nightshadow2758d ago

Best NFS I've played since NFS 3, but I still prefer NFS 3. The EMP and spike strip for some reason gave me a cheesy MarioKart feel to the game =P That might just be me anyway.

electricshadow2757d ago

The game is SO much fun. With Autolog implemented as well, it makes the game A LOT more competitive. Also, you can add friends of friends that play Hot Pursuit so you expand your network. I'm having a blast online.

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